CPP N-IDE – C/C++ Compiler & Programming – Offline APK

## Features
– Offline C compiler
– Offline C++ compiler
– Native activity, SDL2 support for GUI
– Build executables file, export your program
– Make 4.0, makefile support, you can build as on your PC
– Static code analysis, it helps you to fix "difficult" bugs:
1. memory leaks
1. mismatching allocation and deallocation
1. uninitialized variables usage
1. array index out of bounds errors
– C/C++ code formatter
– Terminal emulator: full-featured terminal
– Git, svn support (Install by use Intall plugin features)
– Diagnostic utility: auto jump to error position
– Compiler output: See stdout, stderr
– Syntax highlighting: C/C++ language and very more language (only highlight without compile)
– C/C++ examples from https://www.programiz.com/cpp-programming/examples
– File manager
– Multi Tab, new file, open, save, save as, undo/redo, insert some commonly used symbols, etc. Change the typeface and font size. Show line numbers. Regular search, replace or replace all,"Word wrap" switch, Dark/Light Themes

## How to use SDL, NativeActivity?
You need install SDL Plugin for CPP N-IDE and open it once time to install libraries.
The application will be auto detect linker flags (LDFLAGS) for your source file

## How to use makefile?
1. Write your makefile
2. Open terminal and type "make"

## How to install libraries
1. Open drawer then click "Install libraries/Plugin"
2. Find your prebuilt libraries your need

Currently, I supported commom libraries such as curl, CLooG, dropbear, expat, fontconfig, freetype, glib, gmp, isl, conv, pcre, png, uuid, mpc, mpfr, ncurses, openssl, ppl

Report bug on Github https://github.com/tranleduy2000/c_cpp_compiler

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CPP N-IDE – C/C++ Compiler & Programming – Offline
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