Complex calculator & Solve for x ti-36 ti-84 Plus APK

Complex calculator & Solve for x ti 36 ti 84 PlusSimulator for texas & instruments scientific calculator, Complex number, calculus, hyper calculator for student

☑ Math camera
Math solver problem by taking photo, input quickly to solve math with your camera
☑ See math exactly as it appears in textbooks
See math expressions, symbols and stacked fractions exactly the way they appear in textbooks – no need to adapt to a technical syntax; also provides quick access to frequently used functions.
☑ Instant math result from basic arithmetic, trigonometric to calculus
☑ Easily solve equation, polynomial and system of linear equations, solve for x calculator
☑ Determine the derivative and integral for real functions
☑ Perform vectors and matrices using a vector and matrix entry window
☑ Scientific notation output, smart calculator
☑ Explore fractions
Explore fraction simplification, integer division and constant operators.
☑ Calculate conversions
Fraction/decimal/Mixed fraction/Repeated decimal
☑ Factor integer, prime factor
☑ Sum, product
☑ Div mod calculation
☑ Square root, sqrt, cube root and nth root
☑ Polar coordinates
☑ BASE-N decimal, octal, hexadecimal and binary calculator
☑ Logarithm base n and natural logarithm
☑ Trigonometric and hyperbolic function
☑ Memory: 8 free variable and up to 14 variable on premium version
☑ Convert decimal to fraction
☑ Scientific constants
☑ Unit conversation
☑ Determine the limit of function
☑ Infinity
☑ Built-in document
☑ Combination, binomial and permutation, LCM, GCD, Greatest common divisor, latest common multiply
☑ Statistical and regression
☑ Convert polar coordinates to rectangle
☑ Round number
☑ Copy and paste expression
☑ Random integer, random real, random number
☑ Pi constant
☑ Ans memory
☑ History
☑ Decimal format: science, fixed, normal, science SI
☑ Full keyboard and simple keyboard
☑ More theme
☑ Support change fonts
☑ Secondary keyboard for premium user
☑ Support most of features of ti 30XS Scientific Calculator, ti 34 Scientific Calculator, ti 36X Pro Scientific Calculator, ti 30Xa Scientific Calculator, texas & instruments calculator ti30, texas & instruments ba ii plus financial calculator, Graphing Calculators, ti 84 Plus ce, ti 84 plus Silver Edition, ti 84 plus C Silver Edition, ti 84 plus , ti 83 Plus, ti Nspire, ti 89 Titanium, ti 73 Explorer, ti 503 SV, ti 1706 SV, ti 1795 SV, ti 10, ti 15 Explorer, ti 108
☑ Wabbit calculator & wabbitemu calculator, grafncalc83 graphncalc83
☑ Simulator for 991 es plus c, 115 w, 100 w, 300 ms 100 au, 4500 pa, 5800, 85 ms, ms, 82 au plus ii, 3650, 700, 570 ms, 82 /, 5800, 3950, 85wa, 270w, 350, 991de x, 570vn plus, 300es plus, 375, cg50, 115wa, 85es, 50f plus, 991 ms, 82es, 570es, 83wa, 3650p ii, 500, fc-100/200v, 350es, 83w, 350 tl, 4500, 72f, 300w, 260, 92 92b 991sp x iberia, 991w, jp500, 991ex, 300 ms, 500es, 570w, 82es plus a, 95ar x, 570ar x, 991ar x, 513, 991ce x, 87, 95, 115 ms, 300es, 991de plus, 83es, 991 es plus, 991 es, 991cn x, 915es, 500 ms, 991la x, 300es, 87, 995es, 912ms, 83gt plus, 85w, 993es, 50fh, 913, 350 ms, 96sg plus, 115es, 900 and 530az study cal, 82 tl, 85gt, 100 ms, 115, 220 plus, 300es plus, 82 ms, 290,
☑ Math formulas: Math Tricks, Units Conversion, Geometry, Equations, Analytic Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry, Matrices, Statistics, Derivative, Integration, Transforms

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