Compass Maps Pro – Digital Compass 360 Free APK

✦ "Compass Maps Pro – Digital Compass 360 Free" support classic compass, fengshui compass and compass on the map.
✦ Classic compass support:
– Show basic results with metrics and direction names.
– Lock / unlock compass
– Screenshot result.
– Change the compass, direction arrow.
– Zoom in / out compass.

✦ Compass in map:
– Maps is powered by Google through the api map.
– Locate or calculate direction at anywhere appears on Google map.
– Search a place via address name. Locate your location via GPS, also navigate with magnetic compass.
– Move the compass by touching the location you want on the map.
– Assist the compass view anywhere on the map you want.

✦ The Feng shui compass type:
– Compass Fengshui default
– Compass Fengshui 24 Mountains
– Compass Fengshui 60 Jia zi
– Compass Fengshui 72 Dragons
– Compass Fengshui Heaven Earth Human

✦ Compass Fengshui Measure the direction of the house, the direction of the door …

✦ "Compass Maps Pro – Digital Compass 360 Free" support the following languages: English, Vietnamese

⚠️ Warning:
❋ To use compass for Android, your device must have magnetic sensor equipmented to read Earth magnetic field. Some phones manufactured by Samsung such as J7, J7 Prime… do not support compass sensor so it can not use the compass.
❋ Some times, your magnetic sensor maybe not work well, you have to calibrate the device with 8-pattern (Google search for detail) manually.

What’s New

– Update design and fix bug.

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Compass Maps Pro – Digital Compass 360 Free
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