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CM Launcher is a light-weight, customizable Android launcher, providing free themes and finely designed enhancements. Many practical and entertaining functions come together to bring you a brand new personalized experience!
Highlights of CM Launcher:
– Thousands of CM themes for you to choose from – all free to download, and can be applied with one tap
– Customize your own launcher. CM launcher can easily change app icons into your avatar, app names into your signature, or add a picture to the background of your app list.
– Dedicated widgets, alarm clock, quick-switched, and a highly efficient cleaning tool
Features of CM Launcher
1. You can download various kind of themes in CM Theme (Menu > Theme > Apply Theme)
2. Long tap and drag one icon to another to form a new folder, or go to App list > Menu > New Folder
3. Dozens of special animations like screen rotation (Menu > Screen Setting > Animation Setting)
4. Long tap an app icon to edit the picture, quickly uninstall it, or edit its related folders.
5. Use two-finger gestures to zoom in and out. You can also add, remove, and customize extra screens.
6. Hide inactive apps by going to App list > Menu > Hide App
7. Add apps in batches to the main screen or a specific folder (long tap screen > batch add pps / open folder > tap ‘Add’ button)
8. CM Launcher is a totally free application, with no in-app purchases. On installation we request the permission of ‘Direct dialing’ to enable you to dial from your homescreen.

Size : 3.5M
Current Version : 1.2.3
Requires Android : 2.1 and up



  • I found how to remove CM Launcher from Samsung Galaxy Core Prime, but I’m still not sure if it will work with other Android products. First, go to settings> applications> default applications> clear CM Launcher from your defaults>click on Touchwiz home and you will have your phone back to normal! (Again, I’m not sure of it works with all android products) DO NOT FORGET TO DELETE CM LAUNCHER!!!!!

  • My daughter, 11, had this launcher on her phone and now theres somethong called Promoted Apps at the bottom of all of her folders with apps that are not age appropriate. How can I turn off or disable this feature?

  • My daughter, 11, had this launcher on her phone and now there Simeon called Promoted Apps at the bottom of all of her folders with apps that are not age appropriate. How can I turn off or disable this feature?

  • I don’t like the cm launcher at all! How can I take it off? Would like my phone back how it was!

  • guys to remove applications on yo phone u simply go to setting > applications > manage > applications…….and u select on whatever application you want uninstall DONE

  • I want this removed from my phone I do NOT like it. It is not easy to use a d it just takes over your phone this is not good at all.

  • I want this screen saver removed & returned to system in place; when this system took over my phone!!!

  • I put the paternal lock on my phone an can not take it off please help I can’t get into my phone at all.thank u

    • hi…switch off ur phone n then press the power switch and the volume down at the same time after that your phone will display “factory reset”…..u select on that wait n see after that

  • I didn’t intentionally download CM launcher, but when it downloaded, it took over the themes on my Galaxy S5. How do I uninstall it and get my phone back?

  • How do I uninstall this thing? Under settings and apps when I try to uninstall anything it goes to uninstall and acts like its working but nothing ever happens it stays on that screen forever.

  • Swipe up anywhere on the screen. Go to cm settings. Turn off lock screen. You should be good to go. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  • How can I move icons on the dock and homescreen? When I’m trying to drag the icon, it always says “Desktop locked, please unlock it from Desktop Setting — Lock Desktop”. There’s no such Lock Desktop on my phone! I’m using Samsung Galaxy S3. Please fix this.

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