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Clipto – Keep Notes, Save Ideas, Sync Clipboard 2.44.6-release APK

Powerful notepad & clipboard manager to capture notes and ideas from any source.

Quickly and effortlessly capture ideas or take notes from any source.
Clipto lets you take notes on your phone and sync them across all your devices.

Try Clipto on the web at https://clipto.pro and download for your Desktop Platform from our Github at https://github.com/clipto-pro/Desktop/releases

Focused on your productivity
Clipto is designed for simplicity and provides all possible methods for taking notes:
✔ Clipboard listening – once activated lets save notes from the clipboard and use it later as a clipboard history;
✔ Contextual actions – provides extended features over the selected text in any active application;
✔ Notification actions – gives access to the most recent notes and one-tap actions with them;
✔ Clipboard actions – lets extract parts of notes from clipboard and use it with one-tap actions;
✔ Share actions – lets capture notes from any shared text or file;
✔ In-app editor – lets create notes in Plain text, Markdown, HTML;

Supports Universal Clipboard
With Universal Clipboard, you can copy notes on one device, then paste the content on another device.

Uses machine learning to take notes from even more sources
Clipto lets use your Camera to capture notes and save it into the app:
✔ On-device Barcode Scanning – reads most standard formats (Codabar, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, EAN-8, EAN-13, ITF, UPC-A, UPC-E, Aztec, Data Matrix, PDF417, QR Code);

Can be used fully offline
Every action works fully offline. If you want your notes to be synced across all your devices then you can create absolutely free account in Clipto or stay unauthorized and use manual import/export capabilities. It is fully up to you.

Customizable in every detail
Once installed Clipto allows you to customize any smallest behavior to your needs:
• Theme (White, Sepia, Green, Dark, Dark Blue, Dark Blurple, AMOLED Black)
• List style (Grid, Comfortable List, Condensed List, Preview List)
• Sort By fields (create date, usage date, usage count, title, text, tags, size)
• Text Size and Font (for both list and note screen)
• Swipe actions in the main list

Packed with a lot of one-tap actions
Every note can be used for one of the following extended actions:
• Compose an Email
• Compose an SMS
• Compose a Tweet
• Add a calendar event
• Insert a contact
• Web Search
• Wikipedia Search
• YouTube Search
• Google Translate
• Share with…
• Copy to the clipboard
• Send as QR Code
• Send as Txt
• Send as Pdf
• Send as Markdown
• Open a web page
• Save contact email
• Save contact phone
• Dial a phone number

Community driven
Any new feature that we add to the app is the result of user's feedback. You use the app and you guide its development with our labor help:)

Translated into 27 languages
Thanks to all our contributors who help us to stay free and concentrate on new features!

Supports import from some existing Notes and Clipboard Managers
You asked for ability to import your notes from some popular applications. So we did it
and now officially support the following backup's formats:
• Clipper+ JSON
• Simplenote JSON
• Clip Stack
• Clipboard Manager

Crafted with love by Clipto Team
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