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Important Notice: we have decided to redesign this app and have created Clipto Pro that is much powerful –
Clipto Pro is free and also does not have ads. Hope you will like it. Thanks!

My Clipboard — is a powerful clipboard manager that automatically saves everything you copy. Access your clipboard history later. Copy, paste, view, edit and share your history items contents.
Store repetitive pieces of text in My Clipboard and copy them whenever you need to. Take control of copy and paste with My Clipboard!

✔ Automatic clipboard history and extension. All copied text is collected and saved for later use. Don’t worry about copying over anything important.
✔ Unlimited history of the created notes. You define yourself how many notes will be stored, you want one or hundred or one thousand – there are no problems with My Clipboard;
✔ Mark clips with any number of tags for fast filter and search;
✔ Intuitive organization and editing of notes. Copy notes back to the clipboard via single click. Look through, edit, delete or share the notes with your friends.
✔ Adding of notes to the favourites. Add notes to the favourites and you will always be able quickly to filter them from among all that is already kept in the history.
✔ Search in contents. You will always be able quickly to find and filter the notes by any occurrence of the entered symbol.
✔ Instant and easy access. Open My Clipboard at any time via the notification panel or simple swipe from any corner of the screen (can be configured via the app settings screen) for fast access to your notes. Create notes from often used information, for fast access to it.
✔ Import and export data to a file. Any data can now be restored from a previously saved backup.

★ No Ads: we don't consider necessary to show advertizing in similar applications;
★ High performance: it is one of the key qualitative characteristics of the application.
★ Low resource usage: occupies less than 1.5 Mb, consumes 15 Mb RAMS.
★ Always nearby: it is available from notification bar or from any application without need for switching of a context of a window – just slide out on the screen.
★ Adaptive and user friendly design: only the Google Material Design.
★ Personalization: adjusted individually.
★ No collecting statistics: we don't collect your personal data;

Three simple actions which you can make for even more convenient work with our application:
1) After the My Clipboard installation, you will need to start it for start of monitoring of a clipboard – it is possible and not to start, but then what sense to put?)
2) Bring My Clipboard in an exception of your taskkiller (if such is established) since it can unload it from the started processes.)
3) Allow My Clipboard display of the Floating Windows in settings of your device is will allow to open our application via swipe and without the need for switching of a context of the application. It is real cool!)


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Key rules of our applications:
1) NO complicated and not intuitive forms
2) NO advertisements within the application and for the promotion of the application
3) NO any review of "Indian" observers and statements by "popular" magazines;

What’s New

– Stability and performance improvements based on user's feedback;

If you have issues please send us details about it because we do not get this information by other ways due to fully absent permissions of the app.


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Clipboard Manager, Notes, use Clipto Pro
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Workbasket Ltd.

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