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Clear messenger: We have all sent a message that we wanted to take back.
CLEAR messenger is a patent pending first that lets you CLEAR sent messages from everyone’s devices that you have sent them to INSTANTLY! Just double-tap any message you send with CLEAR to instantly CLEAR it from any device without leaving a trace! The message, image or video is instantly cleared from all devices.

• Clear any message any time
• Free Wi-Fi and data calling to other users
• Group messaging
• Video messages
• Photo messages
• Voice messages
• Advanced encryption
• Cross-platform messaging
• Instant contact matching to find your friends

CLEAR messenger is the new private messaging standard. CLEAR is unique among
messaging apps because it lets you CLEAR any sent message from all recipients’ devices at any time– a second or a century after you send it.

Whether it’s a video message, a credit card number, something you would like to re-phrase or just an “oops” to the wrong person, you, the message author, are in total control of your message forever. With all of the benefits of old-tech messaging apps plus the power to CLEAR messages at any time, CLEAR is the only messaging app you need.

CLEAR is easy to use. With the CLEAR app, simply double-tap a sent message to CLEAR the message and all attachments from all devices instantly. No hacker will ever access CLEARed messages, because they never actually reside on the recipients’ device(s).

CLEAR gives you a virtual window through which you can view messages. Whether it’s a photo, video, voice, or credit card info, the sender can close the virtual window, and thus, clear it from all devices instantaneously, by simply double tapping the sent message and selecting CLEAR.

With 256 AES end-to-end encryption, your messages are safe and you have the ability to remove any evidence of them at any point in time. Simply clear a message and it will vanish instantly. CLEAR is safe enough to send even classified documents.

To understand the power of CLEAR private messenger, do these quick experiments.

First, sit in the same room with another CLEAR user. Send them a CLEAR message. Verify that the message is on both devices. Then, hold the devices side by side. Have the message sender double-tap the message and hit the CLEAR button. Watch how the message instantly vanishes without a trace from both devices!

Now, try our calling feature with someone in the same room. Dial their number on a cell phone, but don’t hit send yet. As you hit send, count the time it takes for the other person’s cell phone to ring. It will probably take seven to ten seconds– and it will have that awkward cellular delay when you talk. Now, do the same thing using CLEAR. Enter a CLEAR user name, hit send and count as you wait for the other user’s phone or tablet to ring. Your CLEAR call will be instantaneous and crystal CLEAR, without the cellular delay.

CLEAR allows you to send private messages, photos, videos and make crystal CLEAR Wi-Fi/data calls, then CLEAR any trace of them– from your device and all recipients’ devices when you want. When you CLEAR a sent message or complete a CLEAR call, there’s no log of your activity. CLEAR helps you reclaim your personal privacy and security.

To use the CLEAR app, all you need is a smartphone or tablet and another person who is a CLEAR user. So, tell your friends to download CLEAR and take advantage of the new standard in mobile messaging security!

Size : 12M
Current Version : 2.1.0
Requires Android : 4.2 and up
Offered By : AB Mobile Apps


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