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ChitChat 1.0.26 APK

ChitChat chatting App ease to use, and handle.

Hello, Everyone! Welcome to ChitChat App.
The app is simply Flawless and can be ease to use once adopted. I am glad to built this app Made in India and I am proud of that.

App includes :
1. Normal end to end encrypted chatting.
2. Can share anything, anytime, anywhere in Individual or in a group such as Images, Videos, Songs, Documents, Apk files and so on.
3. Can do Voice and Video calls without any interruption throughout the World, anywhere you want with less data consumption and with high performance.
4. Can delete chats manually or automatically whenever you want.
5. Can secure your App through system passwords or Fingerprints, which is very useful for now and is more secure.
6. Can save a encrypted data while you want to save it in a cloud and has a unique password feature to decrypt the data only through ChitChat App. NOTE : Must save those passwords, it is important to Decrypt, else your data may lose.
7. Less Battery Consumption.
8. No nonsense Stuffs, No Disturbance.
9. Simply Chat and make Voice calls and Video Calls Limitless.

Hence, I am glad to honour ChitChat App before the World

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Additional information

76.76 MB
Developed By
Varad Deshpande (VSD_07)

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