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Create global social community with over 1billion friends who have ChatON through Samsung account.
ChatON APK is installed in the no.1 Samsung smart phone (Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note2, and Galaxy Camera) and you can express through friends or groups of friends where you can share your life with ChatON buddies by global social communication service.
You can enjoy ChatON by connecting smart phone, tablet and PC by Samsung account.
ChatON is the best social communication service for you, start now.
[Main features] 1) Enjoy free chat with your friends who have various devices and platforms in all over the world with ChatON.
2) ChatON supports 1:1 chat and group chat. You can share various kinds of multimedia contents such as Anicon to express emotions, MS Office, animation message etc.
3) You can enjoy ChatON on Web
4) Experience ChatON by connecting smart phone, tablet and PC (Max 5 devices) by Samsung account.
5) You can start ChatON, the convenient and abundant communication service by phone verification or Samsung account.


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