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Catch Notes

Turn Your Ideas into Action with simple mobile collaboration.
Catch is a free app designed to make sure you never miss an idea. It lets you capture ideas and discoveries across all your devices and when you’re ready, turn your ideas into action with friends and colleagues using simple, mobile collaboration.

– Easily create new notes with text, voice or images, online or offline
– Add multiple voice recordings and multiple images to any note
– Scan product barcodes to capture gift ideas
– Email notes in by sending them to [email protected]
– Use browser extensions to save URLs and web discoveries

– Collect your notes into personal spaces for future review
– Use inline #tagging to organize and find your notes easily
– Automatically backup notes for free across all Android devices and on the web with secure sync to
– Passcode protect your notes with a 4-digit PIN
– Filter notes by chronology, multiple tags, priorities and more

– Dive into personal spaces as you develop your ideas
– Create shared spaces for secure, private collaboration
– Invite friends and colleagues to contribute their own content


  • As a new user of the app in my opinion there’s only a “catch”: when inside a list of several notes if you ACCIDENTALLY slide one of them you will lose it and apparently we can’t modify it in the Settings. Also the few “Spaces” we can create…

  • apparently if you use catch notes and put a password on it in the settings section and then you lose your password or (as i did, i had my fingers on my tablret as i put it away so it defaulted to have the Catch people/web site authenticate my password before it will let me in again), you will not be able to get your notes. So take your password off as soon as possible in the Settings section. Lock the whole phone or tablet instead. Until someone posts a better way to get in and reset the app settings… I can only say that I read ~going into safe mode and accessing the settings to remove the pin srecurity~ is the only thing that I read about and havent tried because I don’t know how to do that on a tablet.

  • That you should never use cloud storage you do not control. So many services just quit with or without warning and than you are on your own.
    Services like google are unlikly to disapear just like that but even google cancels some every once in a while.
    Start using things like own cloud.. more apps should start allowing people to sync /backup to homecloud solutions.

  • I switched my Phones also didnt transfer all the information.I have important. Info on it.and my.other phone is done poof not working.How can I Get My information on there?

  • I never received the email you were shutting down and had to reset my phone now I can’t access my info. That’s really messed up and not cool at all!!!!!!!!!!! At least give us access until you shut down.

  • OMFG!!! I was using a diff phone…ALL my f**ing data was on the Catch Notes…when I transferred the SD card to my new phone, *poof* it was gone!!! Bloody catch note! I won’t be surprised if they developed the app to steal data! I mean even my bank info was on it!!

  • I mistyped my login code and now catchnotes is asking for my password.It can’t verify my password (I’m guessing because their site doesn’t exist anymore). Any ideas how to get to my notes?

  • I had an account with the Catch app, and I had the program saved on my SD card. I switched phones and put my SD card in my new phone, but I cannot retrieve my notes. PLEASE help if you have a fix. Thanks.

  • I have not had a problem since the servers shut down. The only difference now is that there is no customer support, and there is no syncing with the website, or between devices. I would advise everyone who still has this app to Export your Notes on a regular basis, say once every few weeks if you use it daily or once a month if you only use it every now and then (you can do this from Settings). It exports them to a text file in your Catch folder. Copy those files and keep them somewhere safe. So if your phone/tablet dies- you’ll still have your notes. I still use this app daily- it’s the best note app I’ve found thus far.

  • This haas really hurt me I never recieved a email stating you were shutting down now that sprint have master reset my phone I can download and AK notebook but can’t terrieve my important notes you should let people retrive tjere notes anytime .

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