Carango – Car Management APK

Carango - Car Management

A simple but useful application to manage all about your car
Carango is a small but efficient app to help you manage all relevant information about your vehicles.
With a simple, professional and non-cluttered interface it will be fun to manage all your car’s information in one place.
With Carango you can track and log your mileage, fuel consumption, maintenances, services costs for any kind of vehicle. Be it a car or motorbike, Carango has everything you need to help you know exactly how much expensive is your car. Carango has a lot of useful statistics like fuel consumption (MPG, Km/L, L/100Km, etc), total cost and mileage summary, average cost per distance, distance driven, expenses and a lot more. Everything in the most beautiful and easy to use car management app in Android Market.
Keep track of fill-ups, oil changes, services, insurance in a all-in-one car management app! There’s NO LIMIT of data you can input. Keep recorded you car’s entire life!
Carango also helps you with reminders to scheduled services like next oil change, tires substitution, general inspection and much more!
Carango DO supports multiple cars. Yes, there’s no car limit! And it is usable in any place in the world because it supports multiple measurements systems.
The stored data can be exported as a *.csv file for further calculations on your computer. (Only in the Pro version)
[NEW!] Now you have 5 different nice-looking graphical charts to help you to analyze your car.
– Multiple measurement units
– Supports multiple vehicles
– Supports flex fuel vehicles
– Detailed statistics by fuel type
– 5 cool graphical charts
– Mileage and fuel consumption calculation
– Oil changes and maintenance tracking
– Service reminders and alerts
– Insurance information
– Swipe your finger to show next/previous items in all tabs
– Backup and restore
– Export data to Excel (Pro version)
– Automatic backup (Pro version)
Planned Features for future versions (some of them maybe only available in Carango Pro):
* Import data
* Additional statistics
* More charts
* Costs management, like toll and parking fees.
If you like Carango and want more cool features get the Carango Pro version and also support the developer. 🙂
Additional Features in the Pro version:
– Full screen charts
– Export data to Excel
– Automatic backup
– More features coming soon
The current version is a BETA version, so frequent updates will pop out for a while.
Please forgive some bugs and give me you feedback 🙂
[TIP] Carango needs two FULL refueling in order to calculate the fuel consumption in the period. They don’t need to be necessarily consecutive.
This behavior is necessary to guarantee the accuracy in the consumption average.
Supported Languages:
Catalan, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Serbian, Simplified Chinese and Spanish.
Supported Android versions:
As I can’t answer on the market comments, please write me an email if you have any problems, questions or feature requests.


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