Candy Crush Friends Saga Review APK

Games like candy crush Friends saga have become a favorite of so many people. As games have taken a big place for having full enjoyment and entertainment! Some people even play it for living a sense of achievement or reward as well. One can play candy crush saga alone and enjoy a good time. If you are an avid game player, this game will fit your taste. Read the whole list of candy crush saga.

Candy Crush Friends Saga

The first experience of Candy crush friends saga

This game has been listed out as one of a free game series and it is very easy to get into. Those who love to play games on the phone must serve well. It will be good for those who love playing the game a lot, as they can take their mobile anywhere they want. Candy crash ahs all sorts of characters with extra cuteness. This cuteness is even enraptured than those animated 3D games. The other good part about this game is that it has a hundred levels to cross. Therefore, there is not even a chance of getting bored and there is definitely an excitement to enjoy it as much as want.


Some interesting tactics about Candy crush saga

So candy crush saga friends do have some special sort of tricks which might help you earn extra rewards and which are like ‘Sweet! ‘Divine and delicious!’ these words give more satisfaction than earning money in real. While completing each level, there is a reward of score waiting for you and ranked among your friends. The other best part, which lets people for this very game and that, is its simplicity, which let people play even though. They are alone; this game does not look for any partner or friends.

Interesting tactics about Candy crush saga

More about the game 

There are no app purchases that are tied to it. By understanding the basics of the game really must understand when it is time to out the game down.   This game has been introduced as a brand, a new puzzle game in the entire series of candy! Its all are interesting and Tiffi and friends will be there to help whenever you will need them the most. One can even get many characters everyone with distinctive power. On the other hand, you are allowed to make the choice that is going to be with you on another level, every time. The other interesting part about this game is that you are even allowed to personalize your new friends with delicious outfits.


Basics of the game candy crush saga

As usual, the game has kept very purge rules, which are about targeting the objects by matching at least three of the same kind of candy (of the same color and shape). After matching all of them together you can finish your level but doing one step wrong can even cost you. It will take chances from your hand.


Variety of objectives

Each level will offer you distinctive objectives of candy crush saga friends. Here is a list full of objects.


Free the octopuses

This object will throw a bunch of octopuses capped in jelly. So while matching candies to any trapped octopus. This will cut layers, and this will take one by one. When you would clear every layer and free those octopuses. You will determine your win.


Fill the empty hearts

Now in this section, you will have to match the candies with nearby hearts. While doing so if you manage hearts into the proper molds then your victory is sure.


Spread the jam

This one is really interesting as it has an interesting name and as well as function. Those who have played candy crush jelly already. It is sure they are very well known to this objective. If you want to win over this object then you will have to cover the complete game board in the jam. It will surely ensure your victory.


Freeing the animals

When you pay attention to this object, you get to see marshmallow animals. The interesting part about this is that the marshmallow animals are found in the layers of the candies. So when you cover the candies it helps you in covering entire layers covering the animal that is how you will set them free.

Freeing the animals

Dunk the cookies

When you see the bottom of your screen, there is a river of distort. The cookies are in utter requirement of the dunked into it. When you match the candies, which are under the cookies and it is for moving them out for ensuring your victory.


Special candies

This is, of course, an important source of candies. You have to match as many candies as possible. When you match four candies in a row! This creates striped candies. When the player will match it, this will help in clearing a complete row of candies.


Candy friends

The candy saga friends are offering everyone with the addition of candy friends. While picking up this game, one must realize there are a variety of characters. And that you are allowed to help you by adding special candies. On the other hand, one can even collect characters by getting stickers on gifts.


Types of friends in candy crush saga 

There are a number of characters in this game but some are of very awesome. You can take the example of

Tiffi – You can even collect red candies and Tiffi, which will turn three random red candies into redfish candies.

Olivia – You may even collect 10 purple candies whereas, Olivia is going to hit four random gummy squares.

Red rabbit – When you collect red candies. Therefore, it does extra damage to the mint blockers.

Odus – Here you need to collect 8 purple candies and it has the capacity of getting turn itself into two random purple candies into purple striped candies.

Misty – Now in this section, users need to collect 10 orange candies. Misty can turn two random damages in mind blockers.

Nut crackers – Even in this one need to collect 10 blue candies. As now, odus will have to break five blockers in a line.

Yeti – Yeti I some of the most loved and favorite out of all. In this section, one has to collect 12 cyan candies. It will help yeti in turning into random cynan candy into a cyan wrapped candy.

Different types of candy

There is even different types of candies.

Colouring candy – Before you are going to earn by matching six candies, and five in a straight line and one adjoining! On the other hand, the color candy is already having so many colors.

Striped candy – When you match your candies and a vertical line for getting stripped candy!

Wrapped candy – When one matches, four candies an L or in an l or T shape. The work of this is then it has the ability to destroy everything.


Final words

There is almost everyone on such a small account but this game has given so much entertainment in such a small pack. Here everything is already given, you just need to match a few of them and play freely. Win freely without any interruption. Enjoy this game to the fullest because they are offering variety in such a small package with such a basic level game. There is hardly such a game that offers quality before quantity.


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