Call My Name APK

Call My Name

Faster using Names + Amazing Caller-ID + Get your FREE domain NOW!
Probably the best phone dialer ever made for Android.

*** Dial the way you think: Call & Reach millions of businesses & friends globally in seconds, by dialing their unique name. It’s 10X faster than calling phone numbers. Call pubs, restaurants, movie theaters and more…
*** Get Amazing Caller-ID: View real-time info when placing or receiving calls: picture, full-name, address and more.
*** Get your own FREE domain call-name: Choose and register your FREE unique & catchy Call-name, associate it with your EXISTING phone number, share it with friends, and make it the coolest way to reach & call you.
More Info:
Imagine a world without phone numbers!
This is a FREE & friendly name-dialer that allows you to call/reach/navigate to millions of businesses & people by their call-names as well as to your phonebook local entries, PLUS register your very own Call-name domain.
Simply type in the name of the business or person you wish to call or reach and that’s it!
You can also: SMS, email, navigate to via Google Maps/Waze, watch Google+/Facebook/LinkedIn info or follow via Tweeter all, using easy-to-remember call-names.

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