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CallFlash! Flash alert on Calls, SMS & Instant Messaging apps!
CallFlash controls the flash for calls and other notifications. This way you can be notified by your flash for every notification. It is an opensource project, aiming to keep things simple and functional.
If you want any third party app to be added in the list just email me at [email protected].
Prefer Standard over Alternative and Alternative over Alternative 2. If the flash doesn’t turn on with either of these drivers send me an email at [email protected].
Please, If you plan to do a bad review, make a comment in order to fix any problems and improve this app. In the end, we all want it to work perfectly for everyone 😉
If your phone starts talking after enabling the “Notification Service” this is a Samsung-Talkback issue:

Problem with Handcent?
Go to Handcent ? Settings ? Application Settings ? Default Messaging application ? Disable.
You may also disable “Play animation” in the “Send” settings (Thanks Todd).
Might not work on dual SIM phones as it should. Please don’t rate badly for that.

– Test mode.
– Three flash drivers. Prefer “Standard” over “Alternative” and “Alternative” over “Alternative 2”.
– Sleeping period.
– Operation modes (flash when on silent, vibration or normal mode).
– Notification flash modes (Time based or Repetitive).
– Flash notification for more instant messaging apps, like viber, facebook messanger, what’s up etc…
– Flash only when phone is locked option
– Disable flash on call with volume buttons
– Option to disable flash if battery is low

1. Enable your preferred operation mode and test is using the test buttons.
2. ON Duration: Select the duration (in milliseconds) for which the flash is ON.
3. OFF Duration: Select the duration (in milliseconds) for which the flash is OFF.
4. Set your preferences for calls or message notifications respectively.
5. In order to enable the flash notification on other apps you need to enable the Accessibility Service from Settings->Accessibility->CallFlash Notification Service or from Notification Flash Preferences.

Translate this app
If you want to contribute to the localization of this app you can go here:
Thank you very much for your time and support.
Comments and support at:

This app uses the following permissions :
.CAMERA : Needed to control the flashlight in some devices.
.FLASHLIGHT : Needed to control the flashlight in most devices.
.READ_PHONE_STATE : Needed to detect if the phone is ringing in order to enable the flashlight.
.RECEIVE_SMS : Needed to detect if you have received an SMS in order to enable the flashlight.
.SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW : Needed for alternative flash driver. Some devices such as Galaxy Nexus need an alternative (hack-type) code to handle the flash.
.GET_TASKS : In order to detect IM apps.
.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED : In order to initialize the low battery status…
.WAKE_LOCK: In order to turn your screen on.

The following permissions are required by the ad libraries (adColony and AdMob). This app has NO .ADVERTISEMENTS, apart from the “Donate” section.

Special thanks to…
– All my beta testers, especially plutoattack & odynik.
– PuR3v1L for his support and help with the code.
– Myrsinimk for the texts.
– Donors: @popouser, @User_99
– Translators: @User_99, @cyberniko, @Ryo567, @sossio18

Offered By : Big Android Dev
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