Calendar Snooze APK

Calendar Snooze

Calendar Snooze provides every feature you’ve wished was available in the stock Android calendar’s reminders, and some you never thought of.
No need to switch calendar apps just to get a robust reminder and alarm system: Calendar Snooze completely replaces the alarms and reminders of the stock calendar and is compatible with any apps that use your Google calendar data like Calendar Pad, Jorte, etc.
A well laid-out pop-up alerts you to upcoming calendar events with user-customized quick preset snooze buttons, and a user-customized drop-down menu of snooze options.
You can customize notification sound/LED, including optional user-customized speech: know what’s going on without even looking at your phone!
Calendar Snooze will also repeat reminders: did you miss the alarm the first time around? Configure how many times and how often Calendar Snooze should nag you. Never flake on an important appointment again!
– adjustable snoozetimes
– Repeats calendar alerts(nag)
– Choose your reminder sound,vibration,led,speech
– Snooze till/for/before
– Corp calendar
– Snooze presets
– no background indexing like other aps.
Free version is add supported.
Free version has snooze limit of 6 hours.
(but you can reschedule with the edit button)
Works great with lot of calendar apps, like :
Business Calendar, Calendar Pad, etc



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