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As a user of calculator 991 ex 570ex, I am confident that the 991 EX 570ex is quite possibly the best classroom calculator they have ever produced.Aimed squarely at the Secondary school, this would be the calculator 991 ex 570ex of choice for any student. The favorite calculator for student. Complete calculator for high school and university student.

Some of the new features:

See answers in textbook style and clarity – be they with fractions, brackets, surd (roots), or any combination.
The new Random Integer function makes it easy to simulate, opening up possibilities for a huge variety of mathematical.
Factorising large numbers into powers of prime factors with a single FACT command.

Solve equations and systems of equations or inequalities. The machine will solve algebraically any polynomial equation up to 4th degree (quartics). It can find a root for any general equation to refine a user-supplied initial approximation.
Similarly systems of simultaneous equations now go up to four equations in four unknowns. Also, by using the Inequality function on a quadratic, cubic or quartic polynomial.
Full symbolic calculator

Matrices can now be input up to 5 x 5, with the calculator 991 ex 570ex happily finding determinants, sums, products and even inverses. The previous limit was 3 x 3 matrices, although even this was sufficient to handle most exam questions.

This was, for me, the main reason for my purchase. I can now finally dispense with my statistical tables – Binomial, Poisson and even Normal distributions are now covered completely. For example, one can calculate the probability that three coins out of five will show Heads; the probability that a person is taller than two standard deviations from the mean; a two-tailed 95% Normal confidence interval. All with a few taps – just entering the values and reading off the result. 
Note to CASIO – add in Chi-Squared values and you will have all the lab scientists and social scientists queueing up as well!
– Mean, Sum, Population Standard Deviation, Sample Standard Deviation, Min, Max, Median, Q1, Q3
– Multifunction calculator: algebra, complex, calculus, matrix, vector, …

– Linear regression
– Quadratic regression
– Logarithm regression
– E exponential regression
– ab exponential regression
– Power regression
– Inverse regression
– калькулятор для студента

– Vectors – including Scalar and Cross Product up to 3-D vectors
– Calculus – numerical differentiation and integration
– Complex Numbers – Work with both Modulus/Argument and Cartesian form
– Support full trig functions калькулятор sin cos
– Function calculator: programmable (for pro user)
– Programmable calculator: support Mathmatica language
– Graphing calculator: Cartesian, polar, parametric, implicit function.
– Unit converter: currency converter, length converter, volume converter, …
– Math formulas: various math formulas
– Fraction calculator: support fraction, mixed fraction and convert fraction to decimal
– Fraction calculator: easy solve fractions problems
– Complex calculator: supported calculate with complex number, sin cos tan calculate with complex number
– Beautifully scientific calculator: various themes and fonts
– Calculator digits: supported calculate with infinity number of digits.
– Simulate for ti 89 ti-89 ti 84 ti 84+ ti84: supported draw graph, fraction calculating, programming
– Simulate for texas, ti84+ calculator

Natural display, powerful new functions and the same ease of use in an affordable calculator 991 ex 570ex from one of the world’s most trusted calculator manufacturers make this the most highly recommended product for school use currently on the market. Design beautifully scientific, so you can use calculator one hand

The calculator include two mode: full science calculator and simple scientific calc

научный калькулятор
инженерный калькулятор
калькулятор корень
grafix taschenrechner

What’s New

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# 3.8.6
– Removed automatically duplicate history.
– Improved sum function.
– Fixed some bugs

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