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Bubble Level – Spirit Level is an app created for anyone to detect if the object is in a horizontal or vertical state. For a carpenter, for renovation worker, for stonemason, and household. With a bubble leaving in the tube, the bubble level app will tell inclination if the bubble moves away from the center position. It’s easy to use and operate, just like a real level meter.

Main Features:
– The easiest app to measure inclination
The bubble level helps calibrate any side independently, just need to make sure the bubble is right in the center place of the tube.
– Full function to measure objects
The app has a built-in ruler, 2D ruler and bubble ruler, guarantee that you manage to measure more comprehensively.
– Fast switching tool
It provides three bubble tube to detect whether an object is horizontal or vertical. But if you just need to detect one aspect, you can change into the specific tube bu clicking the change button. Putting the phone horizontally or vertically can directly convert the built-in bubble ruler.
– Accurate measurement by calibration
Put any side of your Android device on a flat horizontal surface and press the calibration button for more accurate measurement.
– Locking tool for personalized measurement
This bubble level app allows you to measure with horizontal or vertical screen and switch the bubble tool on a different level, by clicking the locking button, you can measure with a certain tool and screen without changing halfway.

In this spirit level tool, you can:
☑Measure the length of an object or simultaneously test the length and width of it.
☑Choose different units of measurement: centimeters, millimeters, and inches.
☑Save your measurement records as ruler project

Bubble Level – Spirit Level will help you hang up a picture on the wall, level a table tennis table, or measure the length of your cloth to be cut. It is a useful tool that makes your life more convenient. Download it now, you will like it.

What’s New

* Add Italian, Japanese language
* Fixed bugs

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Bubble Level – Spirit Level
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