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Bookmarks Widget

I Like how my bookmarks are right on my home screens. Launcher pro.”
View your favorite bookmarks from your saved sites on your phone’s home screen without ever launching Dolphin Browser(Formerly Dolphin Browser HD). With Bookmarks Widget , you can:
–    Sort and re-order bookmarks to customize favorites
–    Quick access your favorite websites just on your home screen.
–    Available in 2×2 or 2×3 formats.
–    Sync your bookmarks, websites across any platform with Dolphin Connect and then access them right on your mobile home screen.
Bookmarks Widget for Dolphin is an exclusive Add-on for Dolphin Browser(Formerly Dolphin Browser HD).
What is an Add-on?
Beef up your Dolphin Browser(Formerly Dolphin Browser HD) by installing your favorite Add-ons. Similar to a desktop Plug-in, each Add-on will provides additional functionality on mobile device. Forgot password? Password Manager can help. Want a new look for your Dolphin? Download Shiny Shake to change colors. Want to read a webpage in French? Get Dolphin Translate.
Other popular Dolphin Add-ons:
• Bookmark to SD
• Dolphin YouTube Search
• Web to PDF
• Dolphin Google Services
• Dolphin Screen Cut



  • OK, I am browsing, and want to open up a new tab using a bookmark. Do I have to go back to my home screen, select the bookmark widget, and enter Dolphin from there? What happens to my original page?

    Basically, is there a user guide to this thing? The old bookmarks function was easy to use and kept you in the page you were browsing, until you select a bookmark.

    If there is no user guide, how can I go back to the previous version?

    Also, the widget size is awkward for me. My home screen has a picture of a loved one who has an untreatable cancer. That big icon takes a large chunk out of her face.

    Thanks for your help.

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