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Please contact for any issues if you face while printing before leaving any negative review
Bluetooth Print is basically a bluetooth printer app which allows to you to print from android to your bluetooth thermal printer. It is very easy to print from phone. You can print any kind of text to any thermal printer connected via bluetooth to your android device

Add printing data
– Add text with different formats like normal, bold, underline, Double Height, Double Width, Double Width + Double Height, Small font etc. Also set alignment
– Set text encoding
– Add text in tabular format. Set any one column as double width column. Set right alignment for last column
– Add image with any format and size. Set alignment. It will get printed automatically with supported size on your printer
– Add horizontal lines, left & right aligned texts
– Add barcode, QR code etc.
– Add notepad, PDF, CSV file
– Add multilingual text (in UTF format) so that you can print data in almost any language
See preview before printing. Note: Sometimes texts look improper in the app but these print well on the printer

Supporting any size printer
– Just set your printer supported page size and app will adjust print accordingly

Add Short codes
– If you need to add date, time in various formats at run time or add any number which should increment with every print, you can make it very easily

Entries & backup
– Save your all of entries into single group. Create as many as groups as you need. Also take backup for later retrieval

Printing from any browser with your own website
– If you have a web app and want to print any data on thermal printer through this thermal printer app, you can do it very easily. Just put a hyperlink on your webpage which will pass parameters and make a respone webpage on your website which will receive same parameters to send back required printing data to bluetooth print app.
– You can print data from any android browser e.g. UC browser, Chrome browser etc.

What’s New

Fixed bugs in KitKat and lower version devices
Added PDF as Image print entry

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Additional information

Bluetooth Print
6.70 MB
Developed By
Mate Technologies

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