Walkie-Talkie PTT APK walkie-talkie PTT-1 walkie-talkie PTT-2 is a fun, useful, and free way to turn your mobile phone into a push-to-talk walkie-talkie.
*New*: Send and receive voice messages with groups of friends for easy collaboration.
+ send and receive free voice notes with push-button ease
+ stay in touch with family and friends
+ seamless group chat
+ simpler and faster than a text message, but personal like a phone call
+ works on Android and iPhone as well as other platforms
+ send voice notes to any mobile phone
Have you ever wanted to send a quick note to your friend, but didn’t want to go through the hassle of typing a text message? solves this by allowing you to send a voice note to any friend in your phone contact list — it works even if your friend doesn’t have!
We want to make the world a better, more connected place. Sending and receiving voice notes in a simple message can draw friends closer together! Stuck on text? You can also send free text messages through our app!
• Seamlessly switch between voice and text.
• Compatible across platforms, You don’t need to be on the same platform as your friends.
• Compatible internationally. Send voice notes to friends in different countries.
We are committed to the craftsmanship of building a great product to make your life better. Therefore, we are not charging for you to download or use If you enjoy using, please share it with your friends!

Additionally, we’d love to listen to your feedback, thoughts, and ideas on how we can make this better for you. Please send these to [email protected]. If you have any problems with the service, please send a description of the issue to [email protected]. was lovingly crafted by Abhay, Kevin, Sameer, Chris, and David in San Francisco, CA.
Thanks and enjoy!




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