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Bigo is a revolutionary communication app which allows you to make free domestic and international phone calls. With Bigo, you can make free phone call to anyone in every corner of the world, including US, Brazil, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and other more than 220 countries/regions!
New Bigo Features:
* Add a new feature called Meeting Room, where you could chat with your friends in voice.
* Replace the static emoji system with a dynamic emoji system. More than 60 hilarious and fun dynamic emoji.
* Give you even longer outbound international phone call minutes.
* Bug fix and enjoy the most stable free phone call experience.
More about Bigo’s Features:
> Really free to make phone calls globally
Bigo Out can call any landline and mobile phone of any country worldwide for free, without requiring callee to install.
> Free calls with your Bigo friends
Talk with your friends through 3G/4G/wifi for free anywhere any time by using internet. Best sound quality and permanent free charge in the industry.
> Ultra HD video calls
Can voice and text messages be enough when you are communicating with your bbf, girlfriends, and lovers? Talk face-to-face now with Bigo video calls!
> Unlimited multimedia messages
Use our rich text, voice, photos, and funny expressions to talk with your friends. Create chat groups and discussion groups for free. Large groups with the capacity of 500 members are available.
> An up to 800 minutes free call will be offered each month.
You will get free phone call credits every month. Free to call globally without costing you a penny. The consumption rate varies according to the destinations you call. Please check out the rate list here:
> Invite your friends and gain the credits.
You will be rewarded considerable credits when invite your friends and contacts to use Bigo. The credits can be cumulative from month to month.
> Bigo is totally free without any advertisement. All possible network costs will be charged by your cellphone operators.
Keep an eye on our product updates and news:
Any feedback or questions, please let us know via: [email protected]

Size : 10M
Current Version : 1.1.0
Requires Android : 2.3 and up



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