Big Buttons Keyboard Standard APK

Big Buttons Keyboard Standard

Want BIGGER buttons to type on? Then you will LOVE these new patented keyboards!
Avoid those tiny, frustrating buttons on your smartphone keyboard and enjoy the most advanced smartphone keyboard layout in the world.
The patented Delta II keyboard matrix results in Android smartphone keyboards that are simple, fast, accurate & EXTREMELY quick-to-learn!
Big Buttons Keyboard also has bigger number & punctuation buttons, making EVERYTHING you type on your smartphone EASIER and more ACCURATE!
Important – Big Buttons will NOT work until it is installed!! Press the blue & green BB icon, then press “Installation – Important” at the top of the menu and do both installation steps – it’s easy.
Also, a more powerful version of Big Buttons Keyboard is available – Big Buttons Keyboard DELUXE ($2.99) includes themes, voice-to-text microphone, word prediction, large cursor keys & more.
Note: If any download from the Android Market hangs, go to your: Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Market: Then Clear data and Clear cache. Then try to download again.
Also, when installing ANY keyboard, you will receive a scary warning: “Attention – This input method may be able to collect all the text you type, including personal data like passwords and credit card numbers…”
Don’t worry. Big Buttons Keyboard does not collect any of your information – check our permissions. Big Buttons Keyboard does NOT access things like the internet, your email, text messages, etc.
Big Buttons Keyboard sole purpose is to function as a great keyboard.
Welcome to hassle-free typing with Big Buttons Keyboard!



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