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No ads! No ads! No ads!Better Cleaner is a light & fast speed booster , junk cleaner & cpu cooler for your android phone. It can speed clean phone memory and safely clean junk files to increase available space in one tap.

Has your phone become slow, laggy or out of space?
If so, Better Cleaner is just the most trusted speed booster & cleaner you need.

Better Cleaner phone cleaner main features
Junk Cleaner – Professional speed cleaner with phone cleaner & memory booster;
With expert cleaning engine, junk cleaner can detect and clean junk files including cache files, residual files, temp files and obsolete apks to free up storage. Boost speed and improve the performance of your phone.

►Clean up junk files by phone cleaner & phone booster
Better Cleaner can scan and remove junk file to improve phone performance and speed up phone with cleaner cache & speed cleaner & memory booster features . As one of the best phone cleaner on Google Play, Better Cleaner helps to free up storage space on phone and consequently optimize Android phone performance. It is also a strong booster to speed the phone by cleaner booster & memory booster.

Speed Booster – Professional speed booster with phone booster & CPU cooler
Better Cleaner is a professional speed booster with phone booster & CPU cooler.
With the advanced process monitoring technique, speed booster can intelligently clean background processes, stop stealthy running apps and disable stealthy auto-start apps even on non-root devices. Free up memory, speed up your device and save more battery.

►Boost phone speed by mobile booster
Better Cleaner provides powerful Android booster which help to free up storage space on phone, clean up RAM and save battery life long time. Better Cleaner combines phone booster with phone cleaner and create a more convenient booster on android phone.

Battery Saver – Professional save battery with memory booster & CPU cooler
Better Cleaner is also a excellent battery saver. After speed boost, it can stop unnecessary apps and effectively save battery by 20%.

►Save more battery
Through memory booster and CPU cooler, the application of power consumption is turned off, thereby greatly saving the power of the mobile phone and protecting the mobile phone battery.

CPU Cooler – Professional CPU cooler with cpu cooler & speed booster
Analyze CPU usage and stop overheating apps to cool down CPU temperature with only 1 tap. Mobile phone does not heat, run more smoothly. CPU cooler will cool down phone temperature timely.

Device Info
Detects hardware status such as CPU, memory, battery, monitor, etc. Real-time monitoring of mobile phone CPU temperature, battery temperature, timely suspension of power consumption applications, to avoid overheating temperature.

App Manager
Easy-to-use batches remove unwanted applications and unwanted installation packages.
App manager for Android with phone app cleaner & APK cleaner to clean app & APK.

Duplicate Photos
Scan all similar photos to find the best one to automatically delete duplicate photos to free up more storage.

Quiet Notification
Notification bar anti-interference, unimportant notices are hidden and the phone becomes instantly clean.

Eye Protection Mode(Anti-blue Light Mode)
It can effectively reduce blue light radiation and prevent eye fatigue.

Lower Brightness Mode
It is lower than the minimum brightness of the system, and it protects the eyes in the dark.

Get Better Cleaner the all-in-One phone cleaner including phone speed cleaner, junk cleaner, phone speed booster, booster cleaner, cache cleaner, CPU cooler, battery saver and more!

Better Cleaner aims to be the best Android speed booster & junk cleaner app, your 5-star drives awesome work!

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