Best Time Killers Games for Android 2019  APK

I Admit it! At some point in your life, you can’t save yourself from standing in a queue, waiting for your appointment in the doctor’s office or even waiting for the train at the station. This way, you need something to pass that boring time. In that case, nothing but your smartphone can be your best companion. Yes, you can download some engaging yet time killing games for Android. To help you make the best choice, we have listed the best time killers games for Android 2019.


Best Time Killers Games

These apps are beautifully designed to not just kill time, but to also improve your focus and mind training. They have very cool and addictive gameplay. They can literally provide a great experience and take you out of your boring world.


Alto’s Odyssey/Alto’s Adventure

At No.1 in this list of best Timekillers Games for Android 2019 is none other than Alto’s Odyssey. Both Alto’s Odyssey and Alto’s Adventure are very addictive arcade games developed by Noodlecake Studios Inc. The controls in both of these games are pretty much similar. The main difference is their themes.


Alto’s Odyssey/Alto’s Adventure

You simply need to ski down huge hills and play different tricks to earn trick points and coins to unlock more characters and items. These games are easy to play and their beautiful graphics and BGM are really pleasing to your eyes and ears. Watch out for obstacles and gaps or you will fall. These apps are free with in-app purchases.



Badland is one of the best time killers games app you should worth try is Badland if you are seriously into arcade games. Released in 2013 by Frogmind Games, Badland still maintains the old-world charm as it had 6 years ago. It adds a lot of cool features to keep a whopping 65 million players engaged. Most games of this kind have a very simple interface which seems to be boring.


Badland Best Time Killers Games App

However, badland really flourishes in graphics and storytelling department. It will hook you up to its very immersive fairytale-like storyline and kill your waiting time completely without even letting you know. The game is very easy to learn and it has completely different worlds in over 100 levels.



If you are anxious or stressed out, Osmos is definitely designed for you. As a galactic dust mote, embark on a wonderful journey across the galaxies and go deep in outer space to meet other solar systems. You just have to survive by eating other organisms in your periphery.


Osmos Best Time Killers Games App

You have to kill them to go ahead. Also, you will have to beware of any expulsion as it might cut you smaller and you have to eat even more. It has more than 70 levels and 8 different worlds. Avoid overeating and larger predators as they will kill you.


Starburst Slots

When it comes to a killing pastime, most gamers ignore online slots. If there is a slot game which can bring back the feeling of nostalgia, excitement and healthy competition, what would you do? If you are wondering, try Starburst Slots. This arcade-style masterpiece is developed by none other than NetEnt. This 5-reel action-packed joyride features 10 pay lines.


Starburst Slots App

You just have to line up 3 of the similar symbols and you will win.  It is the best way to pass your boring afternoon hours. Also, it is a bonus game like the Win Both Ways and Starburst Wilds bonus game. This app quickly fills the screen with more wilds and added spins to land an extra bonus.


Gummy Drop

If you are looking for an addictive and challenging puzzle game, Gummy Drop is the best choice. It has several colorful balls to blast your way to cross plenty of levels.

Gummy Drop Free Match Puzzle Game

Rebuild leading landmarks by playing different puzzles. You will also challenge your friends while playing this game to beat the highest score.


Jetpack Joyride

If you are crazy for killer and power game, look no further than Jetpack Joyride. You will learn to handle your power and fly safely with mechanic items in this game. It is one of the most addictive and best time killers games app.


Jetpack Joyride Best Time Killers Games

In this game, you will have plenty of power in your suit to protect yourself from threats and killing objects. As you play further, this game goes more interesting and harder.


8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool, as the name implies, is simply a pool game where you can easily compete the pool players across the world as you level up. Later on, your game will become more engaging and challenging. If you have the spirit to fight the pro level players worldwide and have the competitive urge, you should try this game.


8 Ball Pool

It is definitely one of the best time killers for Android. Keep in mind that this game is an online multiplayer. So, it needs an internet connection.



If you want to improve concentration power and you just can’t go away with challenges, Stack is exclusively designed for you. It is really fun and engaging game, which helps you improve your productivity.


Stack Best Time Killers Games App

All you need to stack-up the blocks and make sure they are arranged well in the right dimensions. It has cool graphics and minimalistic design so you will never be bored.


Helix Jump

If you think that you are the master of puzzle games, download Helix Jump. It is both fun and addictive. The customization options are really very amazing.


Helix Jump Android app


It will trick your brain easily with its cool visuals, addictive gameplay, and simple controls. This helix tower labyrinth will definitely keep you stuck with its bouncing ball adventure.



It is both a fun and challenging time killer game with various levels. As you level up, the game becomes more difficult. It needs a bit more attention to clear the levels.


Mekorama Android app

You have to fix the puzzling houses as a tiny robot in this fun and engaging game.


Bottom Line

We have listed all the best time killers games for Android to ditch your boredom and stay engaged always. It is very easy to play these games thanks to their cool graphics and easy controls.


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