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Are you a fan of trivia games or TV shows? Who doesn’t love trivia games (particularly those that can help improve their knowledge and win rewards as well)? When it comes to trivia games, different people have different opinions. All in all, these games are awesome. Since there are so many quiz apps out there, you may find it hard to choose the one. Do not worry, we have created a list of best quiz apps for Android, which are unique in their approach and have been successful.


Best Quiz Apps for Android

The blow mentioned list is having all the insights of the best quiz apps for android-


Millionaire – Trivia and Jeopardy World

It is the official mobile title of the most popular classic on TV in this genre. You can play the classic game with multiple choice type quizzes, lifelines, and even original graphics like its show in Millionaire Trivia.  Jeopardy World is very easy as compared to its TV show. Here, you will play all multiple-choice questions, while enjoying its source.


Millionaire Best Quiz Apps for Android


Trivia is also a very popular game category on the Google Play store. There was no sign of any quiz apps when we look just two years back. Today, you can find plenty of options out there for different players.



HQ – Trivia & Words is a clean trivia game, which has taken quiz gaming to a new level. It hosts live quiz contests every day at 9 pm ET. Sometimes, it plays the contest on 3 pm ET on weekdays. The app also has tie-ins as per the theme, such as a new HQ Words game in which players guess common phrases and words, along with sports trivia mode.


HQ Quiz App for Android

The best part is that players can win a cash prize every day by playing the live trivia game. It awards winners with the points for cash. There are 12 multiple choice questions in each game, and players have to answer each question in 10 seconds. You can earn a share of the total amount of prize money by answering all of them right. HQ is a sure-shot winner of live trivia thanks to its live-hosted games, trivia questions, and real cash prizes.


Trivia Crack

It is a mobile version of the old-school table games. Trivia Crack is truly a masterpiece of its kind. You have to spin the wheel and answer the questions from common topics like art, entertainment, science, geography, sports, and history. You can challenge your friends or even play with strangers across the world once you sign up via Facebook.


Trivia Crack Quiz App for Android

It means you can develop knowledge and socialize at the same time. You have to collect all the characters related to each topic. There are multiple-choice type of questions to answer. Once you answer wrong, the turn goes to your partner who has to answer within 2 days. Trivia Crack hasn’t gained so much popularity by chance.

The questions are handpicked strategically and are very tough. Even though some are easy, players can avoid boring topics and evaluate them. In addition, the app supports 20 languages to show questions. It has got cool graphics with personalized topics. However, it shows lots of ads in the free version.



QuizUp is also one of the best quiz apps for Android. It is another social trivia game but unlike others. First of all, this game is very customizable. It means you can choose the topic. From general knowledge to questions related to various TV series and basic language-related questions, there are hundreds of topics to choose from.


QuizUp App for android

Therefore, you can enjoy the daily challenge while practicing your Spanish. QuizUp is a fun game to play in real-time. You have 10 seconds to answer the questions. You will gain points as per the time you have taken to answer the question. Instead of long battles, it is based on quick challenges.



94% is not like any other quiz game here. Do not get confused with the percentage. As the name suggests, you should answer at least 94% of the questions right. For example, when you have asked what you will have in a pencil box. You will list all the things in your mind. Later on, you will get the percentages for each item you have listed.


94% Quiz App for Android


It is a very fun and simple game you can play, no matter what your age is. Another good thing about 94% is that it has several levels and you will have endless fun. Since this game is for single player only, you do not even need to connect to the internet. The only catch here is that you need to manually type the answers. If you do not know English, it might be trouble. If you spell any answer wrong, the app would not read it.



If you are looking for the traditional, minimalistic, and single-player trivia game, Quizoid is the best fit for you. Even the design is very light. However, do not bother with it. The game has whopping 6000 questions and counting. As you go ahead, the questions start getting tough.


Quizoid quiz app


There are 17 different topics to answer questions. It also provides helps that seem to be inspired by old-school trivia classics on TV, such as 2-shots, 50/50 or flip question. You can also play Quizoid offline to pass your time on the go.


Logo Quiz

Google Play store is flooded with hundreds of these types of games and many of them are boring and solving them is next to impossible. The first Logo game was a huge success. Therefore, it is sure that you know it possibly well. However, Logo Quiz has a huge logo database and it comes for free.


Logo Quiz app

There are letters to enter in the boxes. You do not have to type in the answers. There are many levels to pass through.


As the name suggests, PopcornTrivia is purely dedicated to serving movie lovers. It has questions related to movies in different genres asked by cinephiles.


PopcornTrivia Quiz App

New movies are also added every week. You can answer the quiz related to a movie and test your knowledge about your favorite classics.


Bottom Line

We hope you have enjoyed reading about the best quiz apps for Android. If we have missed any app on this list, please feel free to share your opinion.




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