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In this the digital age, there is a password for every app or service you have been using. Since it is not easy to remember them all, some of best password managers are the saviors, which have come to the rescue. They have a great ability to keep all your keys (passwords) at the same place.


Best Password Managers

However, when choosing a password manager, you need to consider the balance of features, UI, design, price, and of course, security. Each of these password managers has their own quality and strengths in order to stand out and deliver the best user experience and, most importantly, peace of mind.


Here is the list of the best password managers android apps-


Google Smart Lock

There is nothing in this world than the security of Google. Smart Lock is yet another great service by Google. The best thing is that you can use this feature on both your Android device and Google Chrome. It also works on Chrome OS, if you use it. Basically, Google asks every time to remember your password whenever you log into a new website or something.


Google Smart Lock Password Manager


Google Smart lock will automatically fill the details when you open an app or a site next time. It can also store usernames, credit card details, and more. Another icing on a cake is that it is completely free. So, download Smart Lock now to access all the passwords that you have kept on Google account.



If you are looking for a dedicated password manager app, LastPass is a very popular option for Android. It has loads of features, such as auto-fill passwords in sites, apps and even when filling forms. You can even store audio notes and photos as well. It has several other unique and rare features as a password manager, such as password generator, support for a fingerprint scanner, password editor that will alert you if password seems to be weak and even emergency contact to a family member or friend.


LastPass Password manager


If you want to subscribe, the plans are very affordable. You can also add 2-factor authentication with LastPass Authenticator available on Google Play for more security.


Password Safe

Password Safe is another great password manager for you. It has 256-bit encryption and does not need an internet connection. The Material Design of this app acts and looks great. You can save your passwords with confidence, generate new passwords on the go, and categorize each of them for smooth browsing.


Password Safe


Even better, it can also backup your passwords for you. With pro version, which costs $3.99, it has tons of more features to unlock.



It is another great password manager on this list. Like any password manager listed here, 1Password also has tons of features along with password management. For example, it has cross-platform support with other OS, password creation, etc. to name a few.




It also has some safety and password organization features like password unlock.  It is free for 30 days. Post free trial, you have to buy any of their plans to subscribe.



Dashlane is another great and widely used password manager app for Android. The app has plenty of decent features and good encryption. In its free version, you can store up to 50 passwords and use only on one device, along with security alerts and auto-fill. It has two premium subscriptions to choose from.


Dashlane Password Manager


By buying $4.99 monthly plan, you can sync your device to anything with VPN and dark web monitoring and upgrade your password storage. On the other side, the $9.99 monthly tier adds identity restoration, credit monitoring, and identity theft insurance for $1 million. However, the free version does a decent job unless you do not want to use it on multiple devices.



Bitwarden is surprisingly good and a recent password manager app, which comes for Android. If you are too conscious about your password security, Bitwarden is just for you. It includes salted hashing, AES-256 bit encryption, and technology to avoid brutal attacks “PBKDF2-SHA-256.”




This app is open-source and free. It means you can make your personal password server. Also, it supports Autofill API for Android. All in all, it is an ideal password manager app for Android.



aWallet Password Manager is another great app which has been used for ages. The app stores banking details, passwords, debit/credit card info, and any other data if you want. It also has integrated custom, search icons, and auto-lock option. Also, it has an integrated password generator and it is a great feature.




aWallet has all the basics like Blowfish encryption and AES. You can also download it for free or buy a pro version, once in for all. But there is no need to do so.



Enpass Password Manager is pretty more powerful. Along with Android, you can also use it for Windows, Mac, and Linux. A great thing is that you do not have to pay any subscription fee. In addition, this app has AES-256 bit encryption, backup and restores feature, cross-platform synchronizing, and ability to import your password from other apps of the same kind.




It can also auto-fill passwords in Google Chrome. You can download it for free. To unlock every feature, you have to pay one-time fee of $9.99.



Keepass2Android is another great password manage app. You can also backup passwords and it has all the basics. Nevertheless, it lacks any complex features like its archrivals. The best thing is that it is open source and is absolutely free.


Keepass2Android Password Manager


It is based on Keepassdroid (which is another open-source, free password manager) and they both support each other. If you are looking for a free password manager, it is another great choice.



From the developers who launched TunnelBear VPN, RememBear is another great password manager. It is just another password manager, which saves your login details for both apps and websites. For more convenience, you can also save your card details.




It has password encryption and notepad feature. You can use all of its features with a free version. If you buy the premium version, you can unlock features like data backups, cross-device synchronizing, and priority support.


Bottom Line

Therefore, here was the list of best password managers for Android. If you think we missed anything, feel free to tell us.



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