Best LED Torch Light APK for Android: Download Flashlight APK

Do you have to go out in night time but feeling helpless due to dim streetlight? Are you used to forget to carry the torch? Do you read books at night but worried that others will be disturbed if you turn on the lights? No matter which situation you better relate to, you need a user-friendly, powerful flashlight app for Android. These apps can come handy when it comes to find something in the dark, read books in bedtime, and find your way. We have narrowed down the list of top 10 best LED torch light APK because there are so many options available. Some apps use an in-built flashlight on your phone while some turn your display into your flashlight.


Best LED Torch Light APK


Color Torch HD LED Flash Light

Color torch HD LED Flash Light is the widely used and most popular flashlight app on Android. It is a very versatile app as it is efficient and compatible with many devices. Light up your surroundings with ease using this app. Along with normal flashlight, this app uses different colors.


Color Torch HD LED Flash Light

It uses both LED flash and your screen with a camera to blow light. However, this app has some ads on normal usage. However, it will not bother you as you can use the flashlight with one click. You can give this app a try by downloading it for free from the Google Play store.


Torch by ArtLine

If you are looking for an easily accessible and simple flashlight app for Android, do not go anywhere else. Torch by ArtLine does not have any extra and unnecessary tools.


Torch by ArtLine Best LED Torch Light APK

It is designed for those who seriously want a flashlight on their devices. You can light up the area using your screen with this app. While using it, you may find some ads in this app.


Flashlight by Ruddy Rooster

Flashlight by Ruddy Rooster is another cool torch light APK for Android. This handy app works with both your device’s screen and LED flashlight to blow light.


Flashlight by Ruddy Rooster APK

Like Color Torch, this app has the same features with different patterns. It has some pop-ups and ads that you can remove.


Torch by Slim Gears

As the name suggests, Torch by Flashlight app has some cool and advanced features, which make it, stand out of other common flashlight apps. It has a lot of added features but you can turn on the flashlight with one touch. This flashlight app has three widgets for home screen and one widget for the lock screen.


Torch Best LED Torch Light APK

This app has ads, which show up in between the action buttons. However, if you like it, you can buy this app to remove ads for just $0.99. Nevertheless, you can still use this app for free if you have no problem with ads.


Torch Flashlight LED HD

Torch Flashlight LED HD is yet another great addition to this list of best LED torch light APK. This torchlight app has a lot of cool features and it is also battery-efficient. It comes with various patterns and effects for HD flashlight. You can use your light for your needs from your device screen and LED flash.


Torch Flashlight LED HD APK

For easy access, this app comes with its home screen widgets. Well, this app does not support all the apps, which use the flashlight.


Icon Torch – Flashlight

Use this best torch light apk as your daily-use LED flashlight in your device. It is totally different from other apps of this kind. One thing, which is more interesting, is that this app has no interface.


Icon Torch – Flashlight APK

Hence, you can easily use this flashlight in the easiest way. You do not have to customize it, set-up, use timer or settings to use this app. It simply used your LED flash on the back panel.


Super-Bright LED Torch

Super-Bright LED Torch is the brightest way to light up your area using your Android device. It is a fully-featured app you can use on a daily basis.


Super-Bright LED Torch APK

It is one of the most popular flashlight apps but it shows some ads on the interface. Nevertheless, it won’t disturb when you use the flashlight. Give this app a try by downloading from Google Play store.


Flashlight Free: No Permissions

As simple as its name, this flashlight app is for those who are just done with fake apps, which do nothing but bombard the device with ads, read network activity, phone calls, and spy on personal information. The best thing is that this app does not read your private details.


Flashlight Free: No Permissions

It just needs your permission to access the Camera to use LED flash. The best part is that its developers respect your privacy. Hence, it doesn’t have any annoying ads or sounds. Tap the screen or just exit the app to turn off the flashlight. As simple as that!


Torch – Tiny Flashlight

Here comes another handy flashlight app for your Android. As the name suggests, Tiny Flashlight takes very tiny space on your device and it is highly compatible.


Torch – Tiny Flashlight

Download this app now for free to try it as it takes only a few seconds to install. However, it has a lot of features and effects.


Bright Light Flashlight

Bright Light Flashlight App is a free and user-friendly flashlight app for Android created by a Canada-based developers’ team. It takes both the on-screen flashlight and camera flash to maximum brightness on your device. The app has a very user-friendly interface and is easy to use.


Bright Light Flashlight

You can use camera flashlight and in-display flashlight consequently and you can also choose different colors for the flashlight. Nevertheless, it also does not overwhelm you with any extras like other apps.


Bottom Line

Now that you have found some of the top-rated and best flashlight apps, you can try for free. Be sure to consider your needs before choosing any other flashlight app. You can use the built-in flashlight on your phone to save your battery but you can still use these apps for added advantages and effects.

A flashlight app really comes with a lot of great features. Therefore, you need to analyze them well and choose one, which is best for your needs. All in all, these apps really come handy when it comes to light up your surroundings.



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