Best Anonymous Texting Apps for Android You Must Download APK

Today, everyone is conscious about their online identity when it comes to socializing. There is nothing wrong with being anonymous. With the increasing demand for anonymity, we have listed some of the best anonymous texting apps for Android.

Currently, there are many apps that respect your privacy. After all, you would also want to be anonymous for many reasons. Whether you want to talk to strangers without showing your id or just want to go social among other netizens, these anonymous texting apps will definitely help you well.



Best Anonymous Texting App

Along with privacy, there are many serious reasons to use these anonymous texting apps available on the Google Play store. Unfortunately, most of these apps are not as anonymous as they seem. Even worse, some of them are very poor in social interactions and connectivity. But don’t worry because, these apps would definitely help you stay anonymous while texting.


We are here with some of the best anonymous texting apps for Android.



Whisper is more than just an anonymous texting app. It also serves as a social media platform to share your status without any limitations. In fact, Whisper is an online community where you can share your feelings without losing your privacy. You may even be social to one another and ask for advice without giving out any personal details.

Whisper Anonymous Texting App

You can meet new people and even chat with new Whisperers. There are different groups available to choose from. You can even chat with friendly people. You can also find nearby folks to mingle with. Whisper has a very cool chatting interface and you can even add pictures and send GIFs anonymously. All in all, it is a cool app to chat secretly on your Android device.



Launched by Open Whisper Systems, Signal is one of the best apps for encrypted messaging if privacy is very important for you. The icing on a cake is that Signal is a free app, which offers messaging, and voice call services. Everything you do here in this app is protected by end-to-end encryption.

Signal Anonymous Texting App

You can send messages anonymously to individuals as well as groups. It also lets you make calls, share media, and send almost anything as an attachment to your contacts. Even better, there is also no need to generate any logins or use PIN codes. It is very user-friendly.


Even better, all of these messages are deleted automatically after some time. Even after backing up your device, this app is very secure and it does not store any conversations. The developers can also access the source code of the app to find any loopholes. Even though its source code is available, Signal is still a secured app.



Mustache is a very user-friendly anonymous SMS app to both send and receive text messages without revealing your identity. Its interface is pretty straightforward and you can easily get familiar to it within no time. You can even hide your phone number when you send the text. In addition, you can text with any random number.

Mustache Anonymous Texting App

Even better, one cannot even see the texted numbers on the phone bill and it is not easy to trace back your number. Mustache also does not need a SIM slot to use it on the tablet. Nevertheless, there is a catch. You can text only 5 messages anonymously for free as you will get only 5 free credits for that. However, you will keep getting texts for free. If you want to continue texting, you have to buy credits from in-app purchases.


Text Me

For free anonymous texting and calls, Text Me is the best choice. You will be assigned a unique virtual phone number for anonymous calls and texting. Its interface is also very smooth without having to use any additional resources.

Text Me Android App

It can send unlimited texts to any number in Canada, Mexico, US, and 40 different countries worldwide. For texting in select countries, Text Me is absolutely free. However, you need to buy credits to send SMS to 200 countries.



This app is quite new. Therefore, you may not find many users for texting. After waiting for a while, you can manage to find a few members to chat with. It is a relatively safe platform to find new people who share the same interests. Therefore, you can easily chat with them. In case you find someone and befriend with them, you may share your personal details if you wish.

Ragchews Android app

With Ragchews app, you can also pair up with anyone as per your target location. You can also select your interest and the app will find the person who shares the common interest. The best thing is that the app doesn’t share or track location beyond the town and city. You can add anyone to your favorites if you like them. However, mutual consent is required to add favorites. Therefore, it is the best anonymous chat app for your Android device.



TruthFul is a very intuitive Android app for anonymous texting. With this app, sending and receiving texts anonymously has never been so easier. You can receive texts from the people you know without worrying about privacy. In addition, other people can also express themselves and talk to you.

TruthFul Android App

On the other side, you can also message your family and friends anonymously without revealing your identity. This way, people can be very honest, talk to you, and give the right advice. It is more than just a typical messaging app. The concept behind this app is very exciting and unit. You can do a lot more with the right intention.


Final Thoughts

So these were few of the best anonymous texting apps for Android which doesn’t reveal your identity without your permission. They really provide great user experience to text anonymously. It is true that we are going to see more chatting apps in the near future that will keep you anonymous. Meanwhile, we hope these apps would be helpful for you in making new friends without revealing your identity. If you have any opinions, suggestions, or queries, feel free to discuss with us.


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