Best Alarm Clock Apps Widgets for Android APK

Smartphones can be used for different purposes but we still end up using it as a clock most of the time. On average, we have been using our device over 20 to 30 times every day to check notifications and time. It literally makes sense to have a cool clock app, which tells the time and gives you timer and alarm notifications. If you are going to arrange your home screen and matching color, you can easily add finishing touches to the design with the best Alarm Clock apps widgets for Android.

You really do not have to unlock your phone to see the time. However, when it comes to checking notifications, you have to get your device out of your drawer, purse, or pocket.

Best Alarm Clock Apps and Widgets for Android

Most of the Android devices come with widgets in their default clocks. These days, a lot of clock widgets are available with companion app when it comes to customizing your device. You actually do not need a specific clock app just to keep a watch on time, unless it has something more than setting an alarm and looking at a time. Overall, you need a cool widget with a companion app. Listed here are some of the best Alarm Clock apps and widgets for Android to add a charm to your home screen.

Over here are the best Alarm Clock apps widgets for Android-

Google Clock

Google has been making plenty of Android apps, which come with Clock. Google Clock is one of the minimalistic apps by Google to offer a clean interface and plenty of features that you can access with ease. It is a very handy app when it comes to design and you can easily set alarms and look at time. It has a stopwatch button, a timer, a clock, and an alarm.

best Alarm Clock apps and widgets

These widgets are very easy to use. Another great thing about this app is that it supports the Google ecosystem. For example, if you like to set an alarm with Google Assistant, it can work well. All things considered, it is one of the best apps for Android.

UCCW alarm clock for android

Well, this clock widget is meant for specific purposes. You can definitely use in-built clocks from the app. However, it is here for a reason. It is the one-stop custom widget that can help you customize how a clock appears on a home screen. You can choose the background, text, design and also how to use it.


best Alarm Clock apps and widgets


UCCW is a cool app to make up the widget on your own, which complements the design and color scheme on the home screen. You cannot have that level of customization and flexibility with any other clock widget. If you want to do something well, you can do it on your own.

Minimal Clock

Many people don’t need a big clock widget for Android. There are still some who need an ordinary clock, which simply tells the time. This way, Minimal Clock does exactly the same. Additionally, it is a minimalistic clock with a cool design to tell date and time.

Minimal Clock for Anroid

This companion app has some of the great customization options with a widget. You can easily change the format, color, text style and the border as per your needs. This is utterly a minimalistic app. You can strip the widget of any detail along with time.

Transparent Clock

As the name suggests, it is a transparent and cool looking weather and clock widget. The app simply shows all the information you want related to weather conditions exactly on the home screen, along with an appealing clock, you should go with this clock widget.

best Alarm Clock apps and widgets

It is reasonably easy to set up the widget and you can have some great customization options. The app is primarily designed to tell the weather conditions along with time. Simply tap on it and you will open an app with weather updates of your current location and time.


Don’t get confused with its odd name. BobClockD3 is a cool clock app, which looks simply great on almost any background. It features overlaid design for an extensive look and gives you a great aura on the home screen. Simply tap on the widget to launch the clock app.


best Alarm Clock apps and widgets

It features a lot of customization options to improve the text color to personalize the clock as per your design scheme. It also displays the date and day at the bottom.


Simple Weather

If you are in search of a great looking clock app, which has the indeed better widget, you should definitely go with the Simple Weather & Clock Widget. It is a very beautiful and simple looking widget. Also, you can easily match it with any Android theme and background with a clear date and time.

best Alarm Clock apps and widgets

You can change its transparency as well as the background color of the widget. Hence, it can be embedded well on the home screen without going out of the place. You can also resize it.


Clear Clock

Are you in search of something distinctive for date and time on your display? Clear Clock is the best alarm clock app for your needs. It is a beautifully designed Android clock, which can display time with rotating dials, and it looks really beautiful and unique.


Clear Clock for Android

You will find great customization options to more significantly improve the clock as per your needs. Also, you can find numerous themes for great customization. In addition, you can pick your desired colors to make it really very appealing.


Sense Flip Clock

The features flip clock and it looks extremely well in motion. It is going to have some of the beautiful customization options about clock widget. Also, it is a great and amazing weather widget and you can also get some weather updates with it.

Sense Flip Clock for Android

Tap on it to open the weather app. If you want to have the look of the train station clock, you will definitely love this app.



These were some of the best alarm and clock widgets and apps for Android and these are like a permanent fix for Android. We have selected an extensive range of clock widgets. These days, we are used to ignoring the dedicated clock widgets. The problem is that they do not have a customization option. Therefore, you may definitely want to have these Alarm clock apps and widgets.


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