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Battery Saver: Power master is a small, sleek and free elegant battery doctor that extends your battery life longer, and can help boost battery life of your android device up to 50% and cut down unnecessary processes to extend battery life. This battery saving app can provide the functions of battery percentage monitor, running app optimizer, customizing power saver mode, memory manager and clean booster. Now get the simple but most powerful battery saver to optimize your battery power.-Battery Saver: Power Master kills nonessential processes to extend standby time:
Clean up memory and speed up your phone by stopping or closing the redundant tasks. Battery reports on which apps are draining your battery, so you can force close or uninstall high-draining apps for battery life.

Battery Saver: Power Master optimizes battery with one tap:
Saving your phone battery with just one tap. Battery Saver: Power master will stop the background running apps that drain battery too fast and recommend the function to turn off in order to save more power. This is function serves as clean booster/memory cleaner and speed up your android devices as well. Battery optimizer will also indicate how many hours you have.

Battery Saver: Power Master accurately estimate remaining battery power:
Based on the authoritative paper algorithm, Battery Saver: Power Master is able to tell you how long battery power will last under various situations like browsing websites, watching videos, chatting with friends, WIFI/Bluetooth on or off etc. and apps draining battery power

Highlights of Battery Saver: Power Master:

Charging booster:
Boost charging for three status (Speed, Continuous and Trickle). Battery Saver: Power Master can enable you to get the most out of your battery and ensure you don’t overcharge.
Memory Manager:
Memory booster & optimizer accelerate speed of your device. When you download favorite games or take selfies, it’s always confusing that you have insufficient memory to do these. Battery Saver: Power Master optimizes and cleans your smart device, making it run smoothly.
Battery Informer
-Detail battery information, such as Temperature, Voltage and Capacity
-List information of your device both software and hardware. Inform you of how much power consume by apps and how much time for various hardware are available.
Customize Power Saver Mode:
3 power modes: Power save mode, Normal mode and Sleep mode. Choose on power mode you want (such as WIFI on or off, Bluetooth state, screen brightness etc.)

More features will come soon, please stay tuned. Including:
Customized Battery Skin: easily customize your battery skin on home page, quick-charging screen or heath charging page.
Intelligent Mode Switching: schedule and monitor time to start the power save mode automatically to extend phone standby time
Power Protection: detect high consumption apps and block them automatically by enabling the Power Protection

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Manage your battery, charge quickly, estimate remaining battery time and manage the memory just in one app! Battery Saver: Power Master is a great battery mate for Android!

What’s New

* Optimized battery function
1. Smooth battery saver.
2. Battery Cooler improved.
3. Improved Charging Screen Lock.
4. Improved UI;
5. Added Power Saver Mode.
6. Added the Widget feature, including some option switchers.
7. Added Charging Calendar.
8. Improved battery stability.

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