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Battery Saver Pro – Super Cleaner – Fast Charging 2019 is a FREE and Professional battery app that can charging faster your phone up to 30%, extending your battery life up to 80% and protect battery health by finding and stop power draining apps.
Battery Saver Pro 2019 helps user to save battery life just in a single Tap. This Smart Battery Optimizer gives your phone the ability to killing background running apps while functioning. Besides, Memory Cleaner, Ram Booster, and Task Killer can help your phone faster up to 2x – 4x.

Battery Saver
Save your battery power and optimize battery usage with just single Tap.
Longer Battery life up to 80% with Advanced Saving mode.

Fast Charging
Green Battery can Real-time monitor and regulates manner your device charging, protection of battery health. Green Battery charging your phone with 3 stage can help optimise charging time faster up to 50%. It can alert overheat charging.

Memory Boost
Clean up memory (RAM) and optimise phone speed by removing redundant background tasks. Stop auto-start Apps to increase boot speed and reduce memory usage. It can boost up memory when Playing Game

Junk Cleaner – Super Cleaner
Smart Cleaner helps to delete cache files, residual junk files to reclaim storage.
Improve the performance, get more storage of your device.

Phone Cooler – Battery Cooler
Battery Cooler feature can Accurate detection of phone temperature and battery status in real time, disables heat-producing apps to cool down battery and help to extend battery life.

Healthy Battery Charge
Healthy Battery Charge – Real-time monitoring mobile phone charging status, protection of battery health;

App Lock – App Protection
App Lock to locking other application with password and gesture to protect app privacy.

Apps Manager
Manage your apps like Uninstall, Backup, Monitor memory usage.
Manage APK file can help you find and manage apk file.
Analyzes and manages the status of apps intelligently.

* Remaining charge time.
* Remaining use time.
* One-Tap Battery Saver & Battery Optimizer & Battery Fast Charging.
* Smart charging tips.
* Kill apps when screen is off.
* Unique 3 Stage Charging System.
* Battery usage – Charge history.
* Battery Information.
* CPU information.
* Device information.
* Smart power mode for life.
* Charger unplug Alerts

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Battery Saver Pro – Fast Charging – Super Cleaner
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