Battery Saver 2019 – Fast Charger – Super Cleaner APK

Battery Doctor Power Manager 2018 is a FREE application for Android.
Our professional features are integrated to prolong extra battery power and life of the phone. Battery Saver & Battery Doctor deserves the best battery saver and booster with fast charging for all phones or best battery charger booster for tablets.
Our application maintains battery with technology "1Charge 3Days" and saves battery life when you play games or entertain on the phone. Especially you can fully charge your phone in the shortest possible time. In addition to features such as battery doctor and fast charging, protect your phone, accelerate phone, battery saver and phone cooler, battery saver power doctor, battery plus power saver…

Battery Doctor quickly scan your mobile, check the power consumption of apps and settings, and save battery life for you effectively.
– Optimizing app to drain battery with 1 tap
– Presenting energy savings suggestions for device setting
– Advanced battery saver that effectively stops battery draining apps in the background
– Battery saver modes for different power saving needs, easy to switch and customize
– Accurate estimating remaining battery time
– Showing battery percentage on screen and status bar
– Support tablet battery: battery saver for android tablets as well


➤ Battery boosters and fast charger in 3 charging modes: Speed, Continuous, Drip
➤ Increase the time of charging by 30%
➤ The BEST battery speed charging booster, super fast battery charging booster


➤ Display the time of charging, voltage information, temperature, percent battery power … on screen
➤ Monitor the consumption of power in application for power master battery saver
➤ The best battery saver for Android tablet and ultra battery saver for Android phone
➤ Give the list of applications that cause battery-consuming


➤ Security battery booster and speed up your phone with just one touch
➤ One touch to all in one battery saver cleaner
➤ Optimize all tasks with just one touch

•Accurately Estimates Remaining Battery Time
Based on authoritative papers algorithm, tells how long battery will last under a variety of situations (watching video, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth on or off, etc.) and power consumption that all apps drain.

•Power Saver & Monitor & Draining Detection
Detect all apps that drain power while not in use and remind user about high consumption apps. Indicates how much battery power will be extended if you use 1 tap saving. Monitor all running-apps' power consumption and list you the detail to app manager. Clean your system junk to extends more battery life.

•Memory Manager
Memory optimizer accelerate the speed of your device. Optimize and clean your smart device, make it running smoothly.

•List information of device software and hardware
List you how much power consume by apps and how much time for various hardware are available

•Detail battery information, such as voltage, temperature, capacity, etc.

•Customize power saver mode.
As power optimizer app, let you customize your own power mode(such as Wi-Fi on or off, how much screen timeout and so on), to save more power in a long term.

•Intelligent mode-switching.
Schedule and monitor time to switch the power saver mode auto and clean useless mode. Let's use the battery life at will.

•Power Protection
Enabled the Power Protection function, Power Battery could detect high consumption apps and block them automatically in time.

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What’s New

Ver 2.0.9:
– Optimize application
– Add some language
– Fix minor bug

Ver 2.0.6:
– Support Android O and P OS

Ver 1.0.9:
– Optimize Application
– Add language : Deutsch

Ver 1.0.8:
– Add language : Français

Ver 1.0.7:
– Update UI
– Add feature : App manager

Ver 1.0.6:
– Fix issue android O

Ver 1.0.5:
– Improve Junk cleaner engine

Ver 1.0.4 :
– Add feature : battery information
– Fix some bug

Ver 1.0.3 :
– Add some feature
– Optimize application

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