Battery Master 2 – Power Saver APK

Battery Master 2 – Power Saver APK

Battery-Master-2-Power-Saver-1 Battery-Master-2-Power-Saver-2

Battery Master 2 – ultimate battery saver that extend your battery life up to 50%. Get detailed battery information, save 2x battery power and give extra hours to the battery life. Smart saving and professional power doctor!
Battery Master 2 is a perfect solution for poor charging and battery draining. Monitor and regulate power consumption.
***Check Battery Status***
Get a detailed battery information.
. Available memory
. Number of apps being used
. Battery charge level (3 stage charging level)
. Remaining hours to the battery life
***Charging Level***
Check how many hours your device’s battery will survive (in percentage and time) in order to plan, monitor and regulate battery consumption like a doctor.
For a longer life and slow draining of battery, you need to use the Accelerator (task killer). It provides extra hours to the battery by manually stopping any application consuming more battery power. It accelerates the performance of your phone’s battery like a doctor.
Battery master 2 is an ultimate battery saver. It treats battery draining, cure poor charging and provides extra hours to the battery life.

Size : 4.3M
Current Version : 1.8
Requires Android : 2.2 and up



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