Battery Double Free APK

Is your device ALWAYS Running Out of Battery? Get Battery Double NOW!

Must-Have App for Android Multitasking users.
– Battery Double is especially for users who are experiencing a faster discharge of their battery life after the device had been in operation for a long period of time.
– Battery Double is the only application that allows your battery to maintain a full cycle charge.
This is why it is the best battery application available on the market.
– By running the app in the background you will get more out of your battery.

“The ideal battery app for heavy Android users” – John McCormick
“By far the best battery app reviewed so far” – DailyAppCravers.
“Stunning! Try it!” – App Preview Experts
More than 85% of the users world-wide are finding this app useful. They are enjoying playing games, listening to music, watching video more and more using this app!
Works best on a device installed with Android 2.2 and above.
If you have an external battery for your Android Device, the total level can be shown in the app too.
– Increase in Audio / Video playback time
– Increase in talk time
– Increase in 3G / WiFi time
– NOTE: DOES NOT increase standby time.
** Battery Double works on Android phones and tablet devices. So you get this app once and you can install it on all of your favourite gadgets.
— Features —
– The total battery life is now split into two battery docklet views, each showing 50% of the total battery capacity.
– When the docklet on the left is half emtpy, it indicates that your device still has 75% of battery life in total.
– When the docklet on the right is half empty, it indicates that your device has only 25% of battery life left in total.
– This app gives you a double perspective of your device’s battery life and hence increase the user’s awareness of battery usage.

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