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Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures App designed and launched by the Budge Studios. If you have always loved playing with dolls and Barbie, this is the perfect game for you. You can come up with the best adventures for Barbie and her friends. The game contains the very essence of Barbie and her friends – to have fun and dream big! The game was designed following the Netflix series on the same subject.


Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures App


Almost every element you come across in the game is customizable and interactive, giving way to an excellent game. Budge Studios are known for their fun and adventurous games and this one is no different. The high-quality graphics, the immersive effects, and realistic sound effects all make the game an extremely entertaining one to play and are a true credit to Budge Studios. The game’s design impresses the players very soon. Let’s take a look at some of the aspects of the game in detail.


Game Design

When you enter the Barbie Dreamhouse Adventure App, you will be welcomed by Barbie and shown into her beautiful home. You will get started in the kitchen and you can make your way and explore the bedroom, the living room, and even the rooftop! Each room has been designed to be spacious and comes fully furnished. There are plenty of objects and things that you can use to play, entertain yourself, and explore. If you start from the kitchen, you might spend a long time just exploring that area since there is plenty to do in every room!


Barbie Dreamhouse Adventure App Game Design


In the kitchen, you would be able to use the different kitchen utensils, open and explore all the cabinets, and go over the contents of the fridge, and even scribble on the chalkboard wall! The best part about this is that every element that you come across is interactive. For instance, you might see a loaf of bread on the kitchen counter. It is not just there for the decoration. You would be able to take it, use a knife to slice it, get veggies or other ingredients from the fridge or the cabinets and whip up the best sandwich you have ever had. If you are after something more sophisticated, why not use the frying pan to cook up something more delicious? There is also Skipper’s wild juice machine that you can use. Also, if you don’t have the groceries you need, just order them and re-stock the kitchen.


More Rooms

So far, we have discussed only the kitchen. There are still three more rooms to explore and have fun. Go on to the living room to have the most fun of your life! Get all cozy on the couch and enjoy the heat radiating from the fireplace. Put on a movie and enjoy it with Barbie and her friends.


More Rooms


Did you know that the movie could even be clips from the original Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures App series? Awesome! Move on to the bedroom and check out Barbie’s closet to check out the latest in fashion. You can always make your way to the roof for a party. Therefore, thanks to the interactive elements, you can do pretty much everything you want.


Fulfilling wishes

As you progress with the game, you will come across Barbie and her friends making requests. This is usually indicated by a bubble over their heads, explaining their wish. Completing these tasks could earn the players heart balloons. For instance, if Barbie wants to do yoga, drop her on the yoga mats that you will come across in her bedroom. With every wish that you fulfill, you will earn heart balloons that are measured by a heart meter. Besides earning heart balloons this way, you might also stumble on to them as they are hidden around the house.


Fulfilling wishes Barbie Dreamhouse Adventure App


Every time the meter fills up completely, the users will unlock a gift. The gift is usually a new object or item or some decoration that you can use around Barbie’s house. From different and new color schemes and wallpapers to new furniture, there is a lot you can unlock.


Designing and Customizing

The customization factor of the Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures App is one of its very attractive features. You would be able to change the floor, the curtains, the walls, and so much more. In the bottom right corner of the game screen, you will see an icon which will open up all the decoration elements. The player would be able to decorate each and every room and leave their essence behind. The best part is the fact that most of the items around the house can be redesigned, making it an exciting challenge.


Designing and Customizing


Don’t like climbing stair? Change the stairs into a ramp! Now you can slide all the way down and land on an ultra-soft cushion. Interacting with the elements around the house will get you many surprises, such as free gifts, hidden heart balloons, and more.


In-app Purchases

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures App is free. Players can enjoy unlimited hours playing with the free version of this game. However, you may like to know that the game also has add-ons and in-app purchases that can improve your play experience. The in-app purchase packs let the players unlock new characters, such as Skipper, Nikki, Renee, Ken, Daisy, and Teresa. You would also be able to buy new fashion styles and more.

Besides this, the paid packs can also unlock new experiences. This includes Ken’s epic pool parties, dancing with Daisy, clicking photos at Nikki’s fashion photo booth, or playing an instrument with Skipper and her band. Each experience is focused on a different part of the house. The interactive factor increases in leaps and bounds and new ways and means come into the play.  Also, if you don’t want to purchase specific packs, you can also unlock everything for a nominal amount. Hence, this will give you access to new decorations, characters, experiences, fashion choices, and more.

Budge Studios do their best to keep their app up to date. Also, the regular updates and new content makes sure the players never get bored.


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