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If your child has trouble falling asleep, try the application containing sounds to sleep children.Continuous, monotonous and loud sounds such as the sound of a hair dryer, washing machine sound, the sound of the train (lullaby), quickly falling asleep children. They are more effective than audio or a lullaby, so many parents choosing a simple and effective way of calming their children.

Monotonous sounds to sleeping children are calming for babies because they resemble natural sounds that a child hears during pregnancy.

When a child has colic or received too many stimuli and can not sleep, try our app, and you’ll find that lulling a child can be quick and pleasant.

Using the application is very simple, just put the phone in a suitable distance from the child, choose a sound and set a timer that turns off the application after a specified time. After a short time the child should calm down, stop crying and fall asleep quickly.

The application has a variety of sounds (from reminiscent of white noise to the sounds of nature):
– hair dryer,
– the sound of washing machines,
– the sound of a vacuum cleaner,
– motor of vehicle
– train
– subway,
– laundry dryer,
– windshield wipers,
– mountain stream,
– dripping water,
– audio box (lullaby)
– shower.

Using the application with sound to sleep children should be careful and do not place your phone or tablet too close to the child’s ear.

What’s New

★ UPDATE 2.6:
✔ added the sound of womb.

★ UPDATE 2.5 – 2.1:
✔ new languages,
✔ added the sound of heartbeat,
✔ functionality improvements,
✔ improvements in looping sound,
✔ added the sound of rain.

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