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الباقيات أذكار-Azkar AlBaqiyat
Al-Azkar – Hisn Al-Muslim represents a fortification for the Muslim which helps strengthening his relation with Allah, and guards him against the whisperings of Satan and conditions of soul.
The Prophet (peace be upon him) used to observe supplication when going in or out the house, while moving or setting and in all his actions.
The supplications include the acts concerning both this life and the hereafter. That is, there are supplications for every single act of work or worship to the extent that supplications fill the Muslim’s life and surround it like a fortification.
Due to the urgent need of Muslims, who adhere to the Prophetic Sunnah, for supplications, and to help them cope with the modern technology, Arabia for Information Technology, the leading company in the field of Islamic applications and software developing, has designed and developed Al-Baqiyat Application for mobile phones and smart devices (iPhone, iPad, Android) in many languages, using the latest programing technologies. This has been done under the generous sponsorship of the “Waqf of Badr Ibn Saleh Ar-Rajhi’s mother and her Sons”.
Al-Baqiyat (Azkar) is an application aimed at displaying the supplications of the Qur’an and Sunnah through a user-friendly interactive interface which enables many unpreceded features and abilities.
The application was designed to be suitable for all users. One of its main advantages beside the broad range of services it offers to the users is that it adopts the well-known book of “Hisn Al-Muslim: Invocations from the Qur’an and the Sunnah” by Sheikh Sa`id Ibn Ali Ibn Wahf Al-Qahtani, using various translations.
1. Supplications of the Day and the Night (Supplications of the morning, Supplications of the evening, Supplications of sleeping, Invocation said when wearing a garment, …).
2. Supplications Relating to Acts of Worship (Supplications of purification, Supplications of fasting, Supplications of Ḥajj, …).
3. Supplications of Prayer and Ablution (Supplications of ablution, Supplications of Azan, Supplications of prayer, Invocation said when entering and leaving the mosque, Invocation of Qunut, Invocation of Istikharah, …)
4. Supplications of Tawẖid (Virtue of La Ilaha Illa Allah, Invocation for fear of Shirk, Invocation against ascribing things to omens, the Most Beautiful Names of Allah, …).
5. Supplications of the Family (Marriage, Gatherings, Sick people, …).
6. Supplications of Social Relations (Sickness, Affliction, Evil eye, Feeling frightened, …).
7. Supplications said when leaving and entering the home.
8. Supplications of Traveling (Invocation said when mounting an animal or any means of transport, Invocation said when a mounted animal stumbles or any means of transport fails, Invocation said when entering a town or village, Supplication said when returning from travel, …).
9. Supplications Relating to Conditions of Soul (Pleasure, Grief, Anguish, Debt, Anger, Amazement, …).
10. Inclusive Invocations.
11. Invocations of the Noble Qur’an.
12. Invocations of the Prophetic Sunnah.
13. Linking the supplications and invocations to their original sources.
14. Ascribing the hadiths to their original sources from the Books of Sunnah.
15. Full text of the book of “Hisn Al-Muslim: Invocations from the Qur’an and the Sunnah by Sheikh Sa`id Ibn Ali Ibn Wahf Al-Qahtani.
16. Book of “Hisn Al-Muslim” translated into 22 living languages.
17. An electronic counter that help counting up the supplications recommended to be repeated by the Sunnah.
18. An electronic alarm which enables the user to set a predetermined specific time to remind him of the morning and evening supplications.
19. An Audio player feature which enables the user to listen to the supplications and invocations at any time.
20. Displaying the number of repeats for each invocation or supplication.
21. A screen that automatically displays Al-Azkar once the application opens.
22. Displaying the daily prayer times.

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