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Download AVG WiFi® Assist NOW to manage and help you optimize your wireless connections, save battery power and prevent potential Wi-Fi tracking by retailers.
Tired of turning your WiFi On/Off? Want to Save Battery power? Worried about being potentially tracked by retailers through Wi-Fi? Forget to turn your wireless connection back on when it’s available?
Based on user feedback, we’ve developed and enhanced our app to help solve your Wi-Fi related problems! AVG WiFi Assist automatically manages your wireless connection and turns it on/off as you come near or move away from Wi-Fi hotspots you’ve previously connected to, so it’s a combination of a wireless network scanner, locator and optimizer.
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Key features:
• Save battery power: Our app turns WiFi on/off automatically using cell tower location
• No need to use GPS signal!
• Quick access to key Wi-Fi related controls
• Get only relevant notifications that give you quick access to the app settings
How does it work?
Our app runs in the background and actively learns cell towers near the Wi-Fi hotspots you connect to (scanner and locator). The app then uses this cell tower information to know when to turn your WiFi on/off (optimizer). This eliminates the need for a GPS signal or to turn the connection scanner on to see if there’s one available, which means you save on battery!
Why AVG WiFi Assist?
• Minimal App permissions: Unlike other similar applications that seek excessive permissions, giving them access to your contacts and other personal information, our app does not ask for such information or permissions
• No use of GPS – saves battery
• Optimal use of wireless connection: Some apps are designed to turn WiFi on/off to identify when a known hotspot is available. Our app instead uses cell tower location to know when you are near a known hotspot before turning your connection on.
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Wi-Fi® is a trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance.

Size : 2.7M
Current Version : 1.2.1
Requires Android : 4.0 and up


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