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AVG PrivacyFix™ is the simple way to manage your online privacy settings through your mobile device. Download it now and get access to one main dashboard that quickly & easily shows you what and with whom you’re sharing stuff on Facebook®, Google® and LinkedIn®. Want to change something? No problem! One simple click takes you directly to where you can change your settings.
New! Wifi® tracking protection – block mobile tracking over Wifi
This new feature enables you to pre-set WiFi networks you know and approve and stop your device from being tracked over other WiFi networks
AVG PrivacyFix also alerts you about privacy risks as you surf the web, lets you know when privacy policies change and lets you control website tracking.
Since we all use different devices, AVG PrivacyFix was designed to let you manage your privacy settings on your phone as well as your tablet and PC.
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For Facebook you can:
–    Discover over 10 different Facebook privacy settings – including some you probably don’t even know about.
–    Set it up to be as private as you want it to be
–    Manage your crowd – don’t want your posts going to all your ‘friends’ but don’t want to unfriend them? Simply choose who you want out of your crowd and who stays in.
–    Stay up to date – lets you know when something new needs your attention, and takes you right there.
–    Protect loved ones – your family members may not be as careful as you are with their privacy settings. AVG PrivacyFix helps spot when loved ones are oversharing, so you can give them a hand.

For Google you can:
–    Choose what’s saved, viewed or blocked – Whether it’s allowing your searches to be saved in your Google account, what happens with your You Tube ™ viewing history or blocking collection of your data history across the web – you decide. Block collection of your data history
For LinkedIn® (available through the web browser plugin) you can:
–    Find out if you’re sharing your network with the world and if others see when you check their profile. Easily review key settings and decide what’s right for you.
Block Wifi Tracking:
Having WiFi on all the time can be a threat to your privacy. This Wi-Fi DNT (Do Not Track) feature enables you to have your phone’s Wi-Fi automatically suspended when you’re out and about, only reconnecting in the vicinity of pre-set trusted WiFi locations, such as your home, office or regular coffee shop. This prevents the device from transmitting a unique code (MAC address) which retailers and marketers might be using to track the movement of shoppers based on physical location. Retailers are using this information to count visitors, optimize store layouts or measure the effectiveness of mobile advertising.

Size : 2.2M
Current Version : 1.2
Requires Android : 2.3.3 and up


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