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Caller Name Announcer & SMS speaker, will read out the incoming caller name, SMS sender name and even the SMS content for you. It is quite useful for the situations below:1. When you are driving, it’s dangerous for you to pick up your phone when there is an incoming call. With Auto Caller Name Announcer & SMS speaker, and you can easily know who’s calling you without picking up the phone.

2. When you are sleeping or busy doing something and the phone is out of your hand reach, This Auto Caller Name Announcer & SMS speaker will help you announce the caller name, and you can decide whether to pick up the phone according to the emergency.

3. When you are going outing under a bright sunshine, SMS Announcer will help you read out the incoming message even your phone is in the pocket.

4. When your phone is charging, Caller Name Announcer & SMS speaker will announce every call and message, you have no need to run to the phone every time.

Auto Call Name Announcer provides powerful functions for free and it is highly customizable to meet all your requirements.

* Audio Settings *
Speak volume settings
Speak sound pitch settings
Speak speed settings

* Text Settings *
You are able to edit the text before/after the caller name and SMS. It is funny to add “master” or “My lord” before the caller name and your motto after the caller name.

* Support various languages *
Option available to switch between languages supported by the Text-to-Speech Engine in your phone.

* Other custom *
Announcement repeat time Settings
Unknown caller custom.
Silent on shake.

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