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πŸ”΄Audio recording application for your convenience in daily activities. Application in the design is very simple and easy to edit recorded audio.
Produce high quality voice recordings can be used notes and memos and equipped with technology Volume Booster.

Almost all Android devices that can run this application.

🎀 features: βœ” ️ Audio editor: editing audio content
faster while cutting, hold, and q-tip.

βœ” ️ Drak theme

βœ” ️ File manager

βœ” ️ all application Sharing

The location of the internal / external card is ️ βœ” the store

βœ” ️ Types of WAV files, MP3 recording

βœ” Determine the quality

βœ” ️ Microphone Setup

βœ” ️ Live Audio spectrum analyzer

️ βœ” the recording in the background even when the screen is off

❌ Note:
can not record phone calls.

🎀 🎧

What’s New

πŸ’“ Fresh icon
🎧 Optimized the layout from the right to left
πŸ’― Fixed user feedback bugs

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Additional information

Audio Recording app
5.61 MB
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