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What is AssistiveTouch?
Assistive Touch is an easy tool for Android devices. It's fast, it’s smooth. With a floating panel on the screen, you can easily control your Android smart phone. More conveniently, you can quickly access to all your favorite apps, settings and quick toggle. Assistive Touch is also an ideal app to protect the home button and volume button. It is very useful for big screen smart phone.

To turn on AssistiveTouch:
Open app > Enable AssistiveTouch by switch button.
When you turn on Assistive Touch, you’ll see the AssistiveTouch menu. You can drag it to any edge of the screen, then tap the menu to open it.

"This app uses the Device Administrator permission."
It is necessary and used only for locking the device when you use feature turn off the screen. You need to enable Administration before it can be used that feature. To uninstall the app, please open Assistive Touch app and click the "Uninstall" button.

"This app uses Accessibility services."
It is necessary and used only to perform a global action. For example: Going Back, Going Home, Opening Recent, Power dialog, Notification Center, etc. You need grant this permission to use that action.
Enable that action following: Go to Settings > Accessibility > Services and turn on AssistiveTouch.
After that you can also use AssistiveTouch to access your Home Screen, Recent Screen and use Back Key. Just open the AssistiveTouch menu and tap Home, Recent, Back action. To access your Notification center, open the AssistiveTouch menu and tap Notification.

To get more control, open the AssistiveTouch menu. From here, you'll be able to do things like turn on/off Bluetooth, WiFi, take screenshot, and more.

– Control your device with Assistive Touch menu.
– Custom size and transparency of Floating icon.
– Custom color Assistive Touch menu.
– Change Floating icon with many cute icons.
– And more.

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What’s New

– Fix some bugs

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