Arabic Text Reader APK

Note: Arabic Text Reader doesn’t affect other apps installed on your phone. You should use Arabic Text Reader embedded Facebook/Twitter clients to be able to read Arabic content successfully.
Now you can read RSS feeds in Arabic. You can use one the popular feeds listed or add any RSS feeds to RSS reader.
This is the most update asked for by users of Arabic Text Reader. Now you can read all the Arabic feeds from Facebook that you couldn’t read before.
We also added support for twitter. Now you can read all the Arabic tweets you couldn’t read before in the same place with your SMSs.
This isn’t just another application that’s capable of reading Arabic SMSs, it’s different because it has the following features
– No need for root access.
– No need for font installation.
– If the SMS sender is in your phonebook, names will be shown instead of numbers.
– You can filter SMSs list by sender name.
– You can paste any arbitrary text into the application and it will show you the text in the appropriate format.
– It can also read all the tweets from your twitter account and feeds from your Facebook account.
– Arabic Keyboard
Note: Internet access permission is used for the ads, Twitter and Facebook.

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