What is AppLock?

AppLock is an application for smartphones, developed by DoMobile Lab, that offers the users a way to keep certain areas of their phone under lock and key. Now, you can confidently hand over your phone to a colleague, friend, or family member, knowing they cannot access anything that you don’t want them to. AppLock has become quite popular among the users, because it is user-friendly and more importantly, free! While the app itself is free to use, there are some in-app purchases you can make to get an upgrade. Once you install it, you will have to select a pattern. Once done, all the apps on your phone will be listed and you can choose the ones you want to have a lock for. You are all set!


The app lets the user lock each app individually. You no longer have to lock your entire phone just to protect data present in a certain app. You will also be able to lock videos and photos. The app also allows users to have different lock profiles. There is another feature of “Time lock” where the user can lock certain apps for a specific period of time. If you forget your pattern or password, you can recover it using security questions. Quick lock and power-saving modes are also available. Apart from this, you can also choose the theme you want on the lock screen. While these features are available in the free version, if you choose to upgrade to the premium version, you will get a lot more.

There are specific photo and video vaults where you can store particular content that you want. There are also a lot more themes you can choose from and you will get the ability to customize your background. You can make use of auto time lock, auto location lock, and the lock switch features. There is even an option to hide the AppLock icon itself!


User experience

AppLock is easily one of the best free security apps available in the Play Store. If you are not comfortable with patterns as your choice of security measure, you can always switch to a numeric system. The twist with the latter is that the numeric keyboard changes the place of the numbers randomly. While it ensures that your password will not be detected by another person easily, you will have to take care of entering the correct password.

You will have the option of creating profiles for each situation or person, such as guests, kids, home, and more. The profile can be customized according to the use and let the people have specific access only. With the option of being able to activate these profiles based on time or location, you can relax. If you have a work profile, all you need to do is to set the timer at which time it will automatically activate. However, do note that deactivation is not possible.


AppLock has won hearts around the globe for its innovative features and easy-to-use user interface. No doubt the premium version offers excellent features, but it actually is a bit too expensive to pay for a smartphone app, especially since this would be a recurring payment by month or year. A one-time reasonable price would make more sense.

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