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AppAutoBackup Manager is an App automatically backs up Android applications (apk files). We have added this back up function to the popular function of TaskControl which is the install management and created a new App.
Creating and controlling back ups of applications can be done manually or automatically. If an application becomes unable to use because of some bugs when it is upgraded, you can easily restore the past specific version of the application.
No need to worry about forgetting to make back ups. Back ups are created automatically.
Also you can delete all applications instantly and make back ups manually, so you don’t need any other software to control applications but only this one.

-Install Management
It shows you a list of installed Apps and enables manual back up or deletes multiple Apps at once and also text information about Apps to your friends.
-Uninstall Management
It shows you a list of uninstalled Apps and reinstall easily from the back up or GooglePlay.
Since uninstall is controlled automatically, system settings and Apps which are deleted by other programs are also recorded.
-Back up
You can keep multiple back ups by application.
Restoring the specific version from the back up is also available.
—Precautions for use—
When you install an App from the back up, turn ON“Apps from unknown sources.” at settings of your phone.
Set up can be done at “Settings ?Securities” with Android 4.0 or above.
For below 4.0 users, set up can be done at “Settings >Applications”.
-When I try to install from the back up, a dialog appears.
You need to turn ON “Apps from unknown resources” of your phone.
-What is the benefit of controlling uninstall ?
The capacity of your phone for installing applications is limited.
If you have many Apps, you will not be able to install new ones unless you uninstall old ones. To save the capacity, uninstall some Apps if you don’t use them so often. With this App, it is easy to reinstall from the back up log.
-There are some Apps which are not able to create back up.
The applications which are made with old copy protection cannot be copied.
The old copy protection is now deprecated and will disappear in the future.
-What are back up generations?
One application can have multiple upgrade versions.
The default is set to have five generations.
-Is this effective for saving my battery?
Some applications work automatically in the background. If you have many applications like these, battery consumption will be huge. You can reduce the consumption by uninstalling applications which are seldom to use. Moreover, you can reduce the risk that your personal information is leaked without knowing. Also this App stops operation when not necessary. Therefore you don’t have to worry about battery consumption at normal mode.
-If I uninstall an App, will the back up be gone too ?
Back ups are created in an internal/external SD card, therefore back up data will not disappear even the App is uninstalled.
-Internet access permission.
Only ad display is used by SDK, an ad agency.
This App does not send information to the Internet other than the ad display function.
-GooglePlay page does not show.
If you installed the App, from the third party markets such as Docomo Market or au Market, GooglePlay correspondent App may not be offered.
It is strictly prohibited that the part or all of the program resource data of this application is circulated, distributed, sold and being transferrable to any networks except GooglePlay.
We forbid sales, rental, lease, relicense, transfer, alteration, reverse engineering, decompile of this application without our permission. Also installation of this application is limited to the purpose of using this application.



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  • what about application related data. I am using the whatsApp, will this app also backup the chats/videos/images/audio etc.

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