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Any Send App Video – All the details right here

All of us android users had been occupied in one stage of our mobile cycle with the question of file and documents sharing options, because there are many options out there however we want to be certain that our documents will be transferred fast and discreet and for that we need a good reliable sharing app like Any send.

In case you want to know more info about Any Send app you can check out our review which goes into deeper details of all the pros and cons of the app.

Any Send – Want to share a file

Any Send makes sharing files over wifi easy and fast

Just install Any Send on two Android phones, and you can send anything between them, at superfast wifi speeds.

You can also send to Windows and Macs, from

  • The application is very easy to use.

You do not need to follow lots of instructions and steps to use this app. The configuration is very easy, you just need to install this and start sharing the files, folders, documents, etc.

  • You can send any file to a different network, by just using the copy command. Once the file will be copied, go the Any Send App icon and select a user name from the list then click on send.
  • The user will get notification and once they will accept it, the transfer process is done.
  • The notification can be disabled and the sound is also editable from settings in Any Send APK. There is also an option to edit your profile such as display name and picture.
  • The automatic files open facility is also there in Any Send APK. However, you can disable and enable these features through settings.
  • All received files are stored in a separate folder, which can be open directly in Any Send App’s tray icon.

Any Send App Video – Pros

  • * Very fast sharing speeds powered by your local network, no internet required.
    * Background service sharing ability
    * Support for tons of file types: movies, audio, images, contacts, any file.

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