Anti Bluelight Screen Filter APK

Anti Bluelight Screen Filter-1 Anti Bluelight Screen Filter-2


Eye strain while using the smartphone, giving off blue light and a screen filter application.
Eye strain while using a smartphone easy to who you feel is recommended.
If you are using a long skirt teupon highly recommend you use it.
Eyes are blue light blocking eye protection is a must.
Shima before sleep and excessive use teupon serious eye pillow created to suppress the feeling of melatonin when exposed to blue light for a long time, sleep disorder may come.

. minimal features that can be easily operated by anyone App!

. Very easy to use.
. prevent blue light generated from the screen.
. glasses and protective film prevents the blue light is not necessary.
. the notification window, you can quickly set up or shut down.
. You can adjust the blue light interception.
. You can adjust the brightness.
. less memory usage as a function of the minimum.
. will reboot to apply.

Android security reasons, the blue light when I work outside the application stores the Install button does not work during installation, if you temporarily disable the blue light.

Blue light is:
Visible light of 380nm ~ 495nm (nanometers) refers to the blue light, the shorter the wavelength is the highest energy cornea or lens of the eye to reach the retina without being absorbed by dry eyes and blurred vision, which can cause sleep disorders such as known. In recent years, the display has a blue light spread all included.

Size : 954k
Current Version : 1.0.4
Requires Android : 2.2 and up
Offered By : SOFTDX


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