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Aren’t you curious about the feeling of living another life or doing someone else’s job, such as a city planner or a loco pilot? Simulation games are here with a great opportunity to explore another world. Unlike fast-paced action shooters, simulation games are slow but realistic in pace.


This genre combines strategy and management. Don’t confuse it with strategy games, which are a complexly different genre. If you are absolutely new to this genre, you will have a great time.


Simulation is basically imitating the real-life environments and situations and presenting the same to you. This genre can be possible future or your fantasy or even include different jobs like city building, farming, business, driving, etc. As per your skills and interests, you can try different simulation games for free at Apps APK.


Simulation games are known to be one of the most popular and widest game categories in the Android market. These games have very easy controls and they work very well even on low-end and budget smartphones.


They are very engaging, intuitive, and can even entertain for years. They are self-explanatory because things happen on their own. You just have to control things and move them on your own. The idea behind these games is to imitate a specific real-life activity. You can find plenty of games which combine simulation for different experiences.


The best part of these games is that they replicate a very challenging situation and present the same to you in a very simple way. So, you don’t have to gain experience and training to get the same feel in real life. For example, you can get the feel of being a loco pilot by controlling things just like running a real train. There are some challenges you need to complete in such titles to earn virtual currencies.