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Android is no longer lagging behind iOS when it comes to enjoying different types of mobile games. The best thing is that any brand new Android phones come for cheap and are ready to play all types of games smoothly. There is also no lack of flagship and gaming phones for Android to get your hands on. Also, theere are plenty of top games in different genres when you browse through Google Play and App stores like Apps APK.


Plenty of genres like puzzle games, card & board games, action and adventure titles that the whole family can play. Each game has unique features to offer a completely new experience for all types of gamers on Android.


Why Card & Board Games are so popular?

When you browse through the Card & Board category, you will find plenty of games with millions of download. The reason is that they have great mental challenges, which are very fun and engaging. They are known to have tactile gameplay, easy to understand rules, and bright graphics and design. Therefore, they have everything to keep you engaged for hours on smartphones and tablets. In addition, you can find a huge library of award-winning board games and timeless card classics at Apps APK.


If you are really looking for the best Card & Board game for android, you may try games like Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. It is a free, fun, and cool digital card game for Android. You just cannot control yourself once you get hooked to it. Also, you can play as one of the legendary villains or heroes of Warcraft world, such as Gul’dan, Thrall, and Jaina Proudmoore. You will call minions and allies by your side and combat epic duels.

The best part of these classic board games is that the rules are very easy to understand and they have cross-platform support.