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Dictation Apps

Are you looking for an app that can transcribe what you speak into text? This way, you need the best dictation apps for Android. If you are a journalist or a writer, you need to type a lot in your day-to-day life. Typing long interviews and writing long articles using a keyboard is really very painful.


Recording ideas, when they strike in your mind, is part of your life if you are a writer. It is not easy to write down your thoughts in some situations and it leads to the loss of some ideas. Due to this reason, you should download free dictation apps from Apps APK on your Android device. These apps can turn voice into text so you can easily write important information. Along with avoiding painful typing, these apps are also faster to create memos, documents, emails, and scripts.


About Dictation Apps

Voice dictation apps or speech-to-text apps basically work on speech transcription technology to convert your speech into text. This way, you can write a speech, articles, books, emails, memos, and others using voice.


There are some virtual assistants who perform specific tasks on the basis of your voice commands. These apps also work on speech-to-text technology, which is used to write spoken phrase or words. Also, there are some dictation apps, which have assistive technology.


Benefits of Using Dictation Apps

Speech to text or dictation is considered to be a lot faster than manual typing. If you know what you are going to write, you may type up to 500 to 1000 words within 30 minutes as a professional writer. On the other side, a dictation app can help you dictate around 3000 to 4000 words within 30 minutes.


With this technology, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars on transcription or screen reading software. These dictation apps have been powered by Artificial Intelligence.


They have advanced speed recognition and mobile dictation and various other features. Therefore, you do not have to spend several hours typing in MS Word. These dictation apps do not only save time, but also give you free time from relying on a keyboard to write words. Digital dictation is very helpful for a lot of journalists and writers thanks to the use of AI on their programs.


Dictation is really very helpful if your fingers are painful and you have RSI. You can easily dictate while walking around, standing up, and even without using your hands.


Dictation also helps you to write your first draft. You need to edit on your own when writing the same. It is not going to be easy to edit and write simultaneously. Hence, you may not be able to hit your daily target for word count. Also, you can make it easier with the use of dictation apps.

You can use dictation to browse Facebook, check your mail, and do anything, which is not related to writing. You can use inbuilt speech recognition programs on your mobile to dictate easily.